Thursday, December 27, 2012

Milk and Cookies for Santa???

After we spent a wonderful evening at Gary and Mary's on Christmas Eve, it was time for us to come home and get ready for bed...and Santa!
First thing we had to do was finish up our Christmas Book Advent with my all-time favorite...
The Polar Express!
Landry sat on my lap, listened intently to every word, and then "read" it all by himself afterwards.

As you know by now, Landry is NOT fan of the big man in the red suit. After we read our story I told him that he should pick out some cookies to leave for Santa. Here is how the conversation went...
"Landry, before we go nigh-nigh you need to choose some cookies to leave for Santa. He is going to come to our house tonight and leave you presents."
"Nope, I don't WANT Santa come to my house!"
"Remember when you went to see Santa, he gave you a candy cane. I think it would be really nice if you gave him some of your cookies."
"No. Santa not come to my house."
"Well, Santa has to come and get your elf so that your elf can go back to Santa's house."
"Santa not coming to my house."
"Ok. How about we choose some cookies and we can send them to Santa?"
Looking very interested he says, "You mean I go to Santa's house?"
"No. Mommy and Daddy can take them to Santa's house...or give them to Santa when he comes tonight. Don't you want Santa to have some of your cookies? What about your elf? Can we leave some cookies for your elf to have when he goes with Santa?"
"Ok. I get some for Santa and my elf."
"Ok. Let's leave him some milk, too."
"NO. No milk...just cookies."
"Ok...just cookies it is!"
So, I let him choose his cookies and we put them on the plate, on the table by the Christmas tree. He very willingly goes over to the tree so that I can get a picture.
After I take the picture he points to our front door and says...
"Wook, Mama!"
"What Landry?"
"Its Santa...he's HERE!"
"Santa? Santa's here? Where is he?"...I'm looking around, rather confused.
"He's owside, Mama. I hear him!"
"Oh, well if he is outside you have to go to sleep right now. Santa can't come in until you are asleep."
"Ok, Mama...I go nigh-nigh now."
Off he went...running down the hallway to his crib. I went in, put him down, and out he went!
I couldn't believe it! I didn't think he was ever going to agree to leave Santa any cookies. Finally I got him talked in to it but milk was OUT of the question. Then, with his crazy imagination, he tells me that Santa is at our house and that he hears him outside. I'm telling you, the child cracks us up, keeps us on our toes, and continues to amaze us each day!

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  1. It is so great to live Christmas vicariously through a child's eyes -- especially this child and his eyes! I really wasn't feeling the wonder of Christmas this year. But when I started reading your blog posts, Kristin, about the Christmas Book Advent and then watching him on Christmas at Nawnie & Poppie's home opening up all his gifts, it really got me in the mood and helped me see Christmas the way it is supposed to be seen -- through the eyes of a child. For to us a Child is born, the Son of God. How blessed I feel to know the Son of God and I am so thankful for the love of family and friends . . . and for the sweet child who keeps me smiling every day and for his parents who love him so much!!!