Sunday, December 23, 2012

CBA: Day 8: The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever!

Clearly I am behind on my posting.
 I know! :)
So, it is time to play some catch up!
On day 8 of our Christmas Book Advent Landry opened up this book:
It is a cute story about two little mice that go looking for the biggest Christmas tree...and it is Landry's favorite! Really, we read this story at least once a day...sometimes more...sometimes a lot more.
I had seen a really cute and simple Christmas tree art project on...yup, you guessed it...Pinterest. I thought that it was definitely something that Handsome could handle.
Here is the picture from pinterest:
these were done by kindergarteners
{insert the confession of a busy mama with the best intentions but sometimes life gets ahead of you...we just did this project last night! better late than never...right?}
 Here's what you need:
white paint
construction paper...I used cardstock because that is what I have at home. :)

Checking out the materials...
"Cheese!" Can you tell that he LOVES to do "projects"...and of course, that melts my heart!

First he had to find the biggest strip of green paper. Then he put some glue on it..."ahh by myself!" Big thanks to Tammy...the most wonderful daycare provider... for teaching him how to use a glue bottle!
"Yook, Mommy! I gooed it!"

After glueing on all of the was time for the star!

Next up...paint! Using a q-tip he added white "nornaments" to his tree.
{another side note...if you are afraid of letting your little one paint because of the mess...q-tips are a great solution! I use them in my classroom all the time...mainly because they are WAY less messy, kids can't get quite as much paint everywhere...and you can throw them away afterwards.}

He was soooooo proud of his "Chismas tee!"
Look at that smile! 
Here's another shot with his eyes open!
Landry's finished project!
You can see that he has the same "method" of putting "nornaments" on his artwork as he does on real trees...all clustered together. :)

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