Monday, March 26, 2012

Cayucos...Perfect Getaway!

A few months ago a Living Social deal came up for a bed and breakfast in Cayucos. I thought about it for a day or two and decided to go for it...and I am soooooooo glad I did!

March is always a bit of a crazy month. It is the peak of "cheer season" for me at school, it is the l-o-n-g-e-s-t month ever. I don't know why, but March always seems to drag by. I think it is because I am always anxiously waiting for Spring Break...and I figured out the other is the only month that we do not get a day off. I know, rough, Chad gave me grief for complaining about that...but I would like to say, if you were responsible for 25+ little ones every day...all'd be looking for a day off, too! :o)

So, I booked the room and was soooooooo looking forward to our quick getaway...a little "pre Spring Break" vacay! Then the weather reports came in....rain, rain, rain, and more rain. Great...can't really spend a day at the the rain. Well guess what...we lucked was BEAUTIFUL!

Of course every trip to the coast has to include a stop at McDonald's in Kettlemen City. Someone REALLY loves his "fench fies and dip!' Thank you, Nawnie for teaching Handsome that you can't have french fries without "dip." :o)

We stayed at On the Beach Bed and Breakfast in Cayucos.
(photo courtesy of hotel website)
Isn't it adorable? It is right in the heart of Cayucos...and pretty much right on the win for sure. :o) Unfortunately it was SUPER windy on Saturday so we didn't hang out on the beach. We did brave the wind and walked around. Handsome was in heaven saying, "hi" to all of the doggies, tried to chase every bird that he saw, and even waved to people. We took a friend's advice and stopped by the Brown Butter Cookie Company. The most amazing sugar cookies...topped with sea salt...yummy!
(photo courtesy of Google)

Isn't it the cutest little place?

After "exploring" Cayucos we came back to our room...which was GORGEOUS! The only other room I have satyed in that even comes close to being as pretty is the room we stayed in for our honeymoon. When we checked in the gal said it was her favorite room and I can see why...beautiful!
(photo courtesy of hotel's website)

As you can see...everyone approved...even Landry...he made himself quite comfy!

I don't think he appreciated the fireplace, beautiful bedding, delicious breakfast, or anything else nearly as much as this...

Yup...we go to the beach...and the highlight of the trip for Landry was the HAIR DRYER!!! I don't know if I have shared on here Landry's LOVE of the hair dryer. When I say love, I mean like a deep passion for hair dryers. He is ALWAYS carrying one around at home and LOVES to "style" anyone's hair.
So, when he walked into the bathroom and found what he thought was a "phone"...imagine his delight when we told him that was a dryer.

"Dyer...pease...dyer...pease," he said trying to stretch tall enough to reach it. He was even more excited when we turned it on and he discovered that it blew warm air. The only way we could get him away from the "dyer" was to tell him that the batteries had died and it needed to charge. :o)

Sunday morning he played with the hair dryer for 45 minutes!!!!!! We couldn't even pull him away with the allure of the most amazing breakfast ever...lemon ricotta pancakes, bacon, and eggs and smoked salmon baked in a puff pastry...delish!

Nope, he wanted to play with the "dyer."

So...we let him.

And boy were there tears when we finally told him he had to stop so that we could go. The child was heart broken...over a hair dryer!

The weather was beautiful on Sunday so we walked out on the pier.

Big thanks to the kind guy walking by that offered to take our picture!

Then we said, "bye bye" to Cayucos and headed to Morro Bay!

We had a wonderful weekend away. It was the perfect getaway to kick off the last week of school before Spring Break!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Look What I Know

Sorry...I have been a bit M.I.A. lately. All I can say is...MARCH! My teacher friends know what I mean by that. :o)

In the midst of the craziness that I have been calling life, I was able to capture this really cute moment last week. I say really cute...remember...I am his to me...pretty much everything is really cute! :o)

Just so you know, Landry was sitting on my lap and I was holding the camera to the side of my face in hopes that he would talk to me instead of just staring at the camera. So, I apologize in advance for the "up close and personal" view o my sweet child, along with the fact that it wanders a bit, and of course...the runny nose. Yes, I did take care of it after filming wrapped. :o)

Enjoy...and I don't know how it is possible that Handsome will be TWO years old in a little over the month!