Monday, September 16, 2013

Landry's Lingo: Santa

So, it has been awhile since I have given an update on Landry. He is quite the character these days. It is funny how I was worried for awhile that he had some sort of speech delay...boy was I wrong.

I also have to say that he is quite smart. I know, every parent thinks that their child is really smart. I am reminded of this almost daily when a parent is arguing why their child is right and I, the teacher, am wrong. :) Back to the point. I'm not saying he is a genius. But, he makes connections sometimes that crack me up.

So, here's the first...of many to come...that I will call Landry's Lingo. The point is to share with you the insights of my delightful three year old...and for me to "document" them so I hopefully don't forget the funny little things he said at this age.

Let me set the scene...

We were sitting at the table, eating Chinese take-out, and somehow Santa came up.

Landry: "Why doesn't Santa jus fy in a airpane to come to our house?"

Me: "Well, Santa likes to ride in his sleigh instead."

Chad: "I think it is easier to land a sleigh rooves than an airplane."

Landry: "Does Santa yike his sweigh?"

Me: "Sure he does."

Landry looks at us, tilts his head to the side, and then matter-of-factly asks,

"Does Santa have to bump his ears in da sweigh?"

Me: "Bump his ears?"

Landry: "Yup, does he bump his ears?"

Me...quite puzzled until I think I know what he is saying...

" you mean do his ears pop in the sleigh?"

Landry: "Yup, do day pop? Does it hurt? Yike when I was on a pane?"

Me...stumped. How did he get there? Cracks us up! So, if you know whether or not Santa's ears pop...there is one quizzical 3 year old dying to know. :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Corbin's "Mad Men" Celebration!

Two weeks ago we had the best time celebrating our friend, Corbin, as he turned the big 3-0. Corbin is married to my dear friend Erin, so clearly, he is pretty awesome. Erin and Corbin went all out in planning and throwing a "Mad Men" inspired casino night!

Now, Chad and I don't know the first thing about Mad Men...we've never even seen an episode before. After some "research" on Pinterest, I quickly discovered that in order to make my "Mad Men" transformation complete...I would definitely need some help with the hair. Erin set up appointments for a group of us girls to get our hair done at...
They were AMAZING! Seriously, I could go there everyday. Really. I could.
Here is a pic of Erin and I "before"...

and after...
I think we did pretty good. Yes, I am rocking my ENTIRE maid of honor ensemble from my sister's wedding. Who says you can't re-wear the dress...and shoes...and earrings? I did add a petticoat underneath to try and achieve that 50's skirt "poof."
You all know that I LOVE me a good costume party...and you also know that Chad is always a bit reluctant. He always starts with a "this is ridiculous" kinda attitude...but before you know it...he's posing for pictures like this...
and is in full character!
I'd say we did pretty good for never having seen an episode before. :)
The party was at Pardini's in their Tuscan Room...which was the perfect backdrop for the casino night affair. Here we are...striking our very serious "Mad Men" pose.

All of us girls that had our hair done at Blown Away...the front...

And the back! Aren't we darling?

Erin and her dear friend, Sara...
Erin and another dear friend, Sonja

Erin and her cousin, Adria

Erin even hired a professional photographer to take shots of the party. Here are a few shots from Julie Jobinger Photography...
Trying to be "Mad Men" serious...

but this is the real us!

Corbin explaining the "rules" for the casino night. Every guest was given $1,000 worth of chips...all play money of course...and there would be a prize for the top three winners!
The guys immediately hit the tables...

Chad...teaching others how to be great Blackjack players.

Gamble...not yet.
While the guys hit the tables...Erin and I...well, we took pictures with the dice!

Then it was time to hit the tables!
The next three pictures are clearly the work of the professional...Julie Jobinger Photography.
Look at me...I was nervous gambling with fake was all a little too risky for me! :)

Think we are the big winners????

Well, not by the casino table standards we weren't. Who was?
This guy!
Yup, that's man turned $1,000 into $31,900...of fake money. Too bad he couldn't do that with real money, right?

Not the best pic...but Adria and I were excited about our winnings. We ended up with $2,000. Yup, we doubled our money...that's better than nothing...right?

How does one celebrate being the "big winner?" Like this...

The grand prize was $100...winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Corbin and Erin, thank you for a wonderful evening...and $100. :) We love you both to pieces and cannot wait to celebrate with you again.

Aren't they the cutest? And doesn't Erin look amazing...remember...she just had a baby 4 months ago!
Here is a group shot of everyone at the party...
thanks to Julie Jobinger Photography

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Portland...Day 3...Oregon Zoo!

When I started researching Portland, and the different things to do in the area, one of the first things I discovered was that they had a zoo! I knew that would be a hit with our zoo loving it was a "must-do." On Sunday we hopped on the Max Line...
and took it ot the...
It was a bit cooler outside then I had planned for. Landry was bit cold so the first stop was the gift shop where G.G. bought him the cutest jacket ever.

First stop...the otters!

Aren't they the cutest?
I should warn you...this post has a TON of animal pictures. I actually have more...these are the few I posted. The Oregon Zoo is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and has pretty much any and every animal you can think of.

They even had bats!
I think they are pretty cute. :)

Not as cute as this guy, though!

Hippos! Landry had never seen a hippo before...he thought they were HUGE!

Each of the exhibits at the zoo was so unique and offered an "up-close" view of the animals. Check out how close we were to a cheetah!!!!!

No zoom here...we were really just on the other side of the glass from them. So cool!

You should all know by now what Landry's favorite animal is. He asked to see them after each and every animal we saw. At our zoo the elephants are one of the first attractions. Not so much in Oregon. They were way in the back of the zoo...but they didn't let us down!


They have four elephants at their zoo.
And what's better than 4 elephants...
A BABY elephant!!!!

Yup, one of their elephants had recently had a baby, Lily! Landry LOVED watching the baby elephant. She was so cute.

Someone in Portland was a genius when they thought of this...

Never heard of or had an elephant ear? Well, you are missing out on a little slice of heaven!

Well, maybe not so little! Elephant ears are like a big, flat churro. Is there anything that is better than a fried piece of dough, covered in cinnamon, sugar, and butter? I don't think so.

We had to get one last look at the elephants...and use our zoo key...before we could check out the...
Again, they had every kind of monkey and ape you can imagine. Look at this little guy. Just hanging out by the window...deep in thought.

Again, no zoom...we were really this close!

My little monkey is getting bigger and bigger ach day!

After the monkeys we got to see a polar bear. Again, Landry has never seen a polar bear so he though it was pretty cool. He kept trying to get it to wake up and do something. :)

Me and my cub in our polar bear den!
Next up...penguins!

"It's cold in here, Mommy!"

Can't forget about this other date. :)

Beautiful bald eagles!

Life in an eagle's nest!

Sleeping black bear

What ended up being Landry's favorite from the day...the mountain goat.

Yup, he talks about it all the time! "I went to da Porlan...and I saw a BEEEEEEG goat....wif HUUUUUUGE hons. Dey were dis big!"
Just goes to show you never know what your child is going to like best...the baby elephant...or the mountain goat? :)