Sunday, August 17, 2014

Baby Bump #2

So, if you follow me on Facebook then you know that we shared some exciting news a few weeks ago!

Yup, we are going to be a family of FOUR!!!
Baby is due March 11...but a c-section will probably be scheduled for the week before.

We are all very excited and can't wait to meet the newest member of the family...
but I think the person that might be the most excited is Landry. 
To say that he is thrilled is an understatement! He has been asking for a baby for at least a year now. 
One day he even came up to me, lifted my shirt, pointed to my belly and told me, 
"Mommy...I just want a baby in that belly."
Here is a video I took when we told Landry...not gonna melts my heart! :)

On Friday we had our first ultrasound and got to take a peek at our little one. 
The ultrasound tech joked that the baby loved the camera. Here it is, facing the camera, waving at us. :)

This pregnancy has definitely been a lot different than the first one. I have been a lot more nauseous and just not feeling so swell. The last week has been much better...thankfully! The nights have been the hardest and when I feel the worst. For the first 8 weeks or so the thought of making dinner, eating dinner, and any kind of meat or chicken would just about do me in. I pretty much survived on carbs and dairy...good thing I'm not on a gluten-free or paleo diet. ;) The past week or so has been much better...and the past two days I have been craving bbq. Who wants to get some ribs? :)

Another thing that has been different is that I am showing MUCH sooner than last time. 
I am 10 weeks along and already have a little bump. 
Proud Big Brother had to get in the picture!

In looking back at my blog posts from my last pregnancy I realized that I didn't take nearly as many belly pics as I thought. So, my goal is to take more this've been warned. :)

Then he wanted to take his own "belly shot!"

I mentioned a little bit about how proud Landry is. I know that he is going to be the best big brother. He talks to the baby all the time and is always telling us things that he can do now that he is a big brother. ;) He is pretty set on the idea that the baby is a girl and asks when his baby sister is going to be born. We keep trying to tell him that the baby could be a boy. He likes to correct us and tell us that it is going to be a girl. 
So fingers crossed. ;)

Cayucos Getaway!

At the end of the school year a group of families in my classroom all chipped in together and gave me a gift that was truly the point that when they gave it to me...and I opened it...I almost said a bad word in front of 28 second graders. I was so stunned and touched beyond words! 
They had given me a gift certificate to my favorite little get away in Cayucos...

(picture from Google!)

On the Beach Bed and Breakfast!
Not only was it way beyond generous...but it showed that they had listened and paid attention when I talked about my favorite places to visit. :)

I discovered this place about two years ago through a Living Social deal and have loved it ever since. They have the most beautiful rooms, complimentary wine/beer and appetizers in the afternoons, homemade desserts in the evening, and a breakfast that is beyond words.

Chad and I enjoyed a quick trip here in March...thanks to Chad's parents and Aunt Judy and Uncle I couldn't wait to go back. Landry was super excited to go to the beach...and even more so to stay in a hotel. Silly boy LOVES hotels!

After we checked in he immediately found a shell on our patio...can you tell how happy he was? :) Friday afternoon we hung out in the room, enjoyed the gorgeous weather, walked around Cayucos, and had dinner at Duckie's...a yummy, casual restaurant right across the street from the hotel.

(picture from Google!)

Saturday morning I could hardly wait for breakfast to be served...and once again they didn't disappoint! We enjoyed some freshly made french toast, roasted potatoes, and thick bacon. They also had a beautiful fresh fruit salad with all kinds of berries, pineapple, oranges, and the tiniest grapes I have ever seen.

After breakfast we headed to the beach!

We couldn't have asked for better weather! It was clear, sunny, warm, light breeze, and all around fantastic. My mom and dad...and Ernie, their maltese...met us there. We spent the afternoon relaxing, playing in the sand, and watching the dolphins play in the ocean. Yes, dolphins...they were right off the shore and it was so cool to watch them play.

Chad and I had both heard about a delicious little fish taco shop...
(picture from Google!)

Ruddell's Smokehouse...and they didn't disappoint. Chad got us an assortment of tacos...salmon, albacore, and ahi...all of them were delicious. If you are in gotta stop there!

After our fun in the sun we headed back to our rooms, cleaned up a bit, and headed into Morro Bay.

First stop...
(picture from Google!)

the Morro Bay Aquarium...which might be the most depressing aquarium...and the the world. If you have never been, I kind of think it is a "must-do" because you will not find another place like it. It is small, has a souvenir shop in the front, and the oldest, most depressing fish tanks. Why go? First, it is only $2 to get in...second, they have the most entertaining seals...that you can feed!

There is always one very loud, very entertaining seal that do will do tricks and whatever else it takes to get some food. They are so fun to watch...and did I mention loud?

Landry wasn't quite sure about it at you see that he is as far away as he can possibly get. :)

He quickly warmed up. Here is his impression of the flounder!

We had fun walking around Morro Bay and checking out the shops, taking silly pictures, and enjoyed a great dinner on the water at Rose's.

We came back to our hotel...enjoyed some delicious homemade can see someone was a big fan...and quickly fell asleep.

My favorite quote of the trip was Saturday night, we were in bed, eating brownies, Landry was talking about who knows what, and Chad very calmly turns to me and asks, "Has he stopped talking all day?"
Ha! Welcome to my summer....never ending talking...and to think that at one point I was concerned that he was never going to talk. ;)

The next morning we woke up guessed it...another delicious breakfast. This time it was "build your own" omelettes!

Sadly we had to pack up our stuff, check out, and say good-bye to Cayucos. :(

Nothing like a "mother-son selfie" to show that you had a good time.

Just for is a pic of us the last time we took Landry to Cayucos...2 years ago.

Before heading home we spent some time in Cambria and checked out the elephant seals north of San Simeon. It was a wonderful weekend one of my favorite places...and a great final hoorah before the school year starts.