Saturday, July 23, 2016

Alaskan Cruise Part 3 - Endicott Arm Fjords

If you have been following along,
for the past week I have been
sharing about the Alaskan cruise
our family went on in celebration of
my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.

I shared about our day in Juneau here.
And if you missed the cute puppies and
our dog sledding adventure in Skagway,
you can get caught up here.

Today you aren't going to get
any pictures of cute puppies, my family,
or any adventures.
Today you get to enjoy some beautiful
pictures of the wilderness in Alaska!

When we woke 5:30 or so...
yes...that early...we were greeted with this
amazing sight from our balcony!

Certainly makes getting up at 5:30,
while you're on vacation,
a bit more bearable when you see this.

We were supposed to travel to the
Tracy Arm Fjords and Sawyer Glacier.
Apparently it was too icy, so we went to
Endicott Fjord and saw Dawes Glacier.

Our ship went as far into the fjord,
and as close to the glacier,
as possible and then proceeded
to do a 580 degree spin
so that everyone on the ship got a view of the glacier.
If the scenery doesn't blow your mind,
a huge cruise ship spinning in a circle should! ;)

At first Lexie wasn't so sure about it.

Are they cute or what?
I know...I'm biased.
Oh...and I guess I lied...
but these are the only pictures of my family today. :)

As you can see,
there were huge chunks of ice
everywhere in the water.

As the ship spun we were able
to enjoy a nearby waterfall.

My sister bought a super fancy camera
before our trip and she got some awesome pictures.
Here are her pics...
they put my Samsung Galaxy pics to shame. :)

We were even able to spot a group
of harbor seal laying on the ice.

It was so incredibly quiet,
and the water was smooth and still as can be.
So serene.

As we made our way out of
the fjord the captain told
us to keep our eye out for bear and moose
along the shoreline.

Sadly we didn't see any...
but the view still didn't disappoint.

As we exited, we went passed
another glacier...I have no idea which one.

We spent the rest of the day watching whales.
Tons of whales!
We saw at LEAST 15 whales
during the day.
Unfortunately they were REALLY
hard to get a picture of.
About the time you saw one,
it would come up for air,
and be back under the surface.
I was able to catch this one tail.

I have a TON of pictures
that look like this...
but I thought I'd spare you and just share this one. :)

I know I have said it in my previous posts...
and I really mean it...
these pictures do NO justice to
the beauty that is Alaska.

I am not what I would consider a 
"nature lover"
but I was completely mesmerized
by the peace and beauty that surrounded
us during this trip.
Our mountains and forests in California
are pretty spectacular...
but there is something majestic
about Alaska.

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