Thursday, July 21, 2016

Alaskan Cruise Part 2 - Skagway

Before you read...I am warning you
that you are about to see a bunch of pictures of
super cute puppies...
and an even cuter video of a certain 16 month old who REALLY
loved the puppies. ;)

Don't forget...I warned you!

Our second port was the darling town of Skagway!

My sister got up and had an early
start as she traveled by helicopter,
landed on a glacier, and went dog sledding.


The rest of us...well...we had a more leisurely
start to our day.

Welcome to Skagway!

After lunch...and after my sister returned
from her glacier adventure...
my mom, sister, Chad, the kids, and me
headed out to our excursion...musher's camp!

We met our tour guide, J-Dot,
at the end of the pier, loaded up into another shuttle,
enjoyed the most beautiful scenery I have ever experienced,
and arrived at our musher's camp.

Once we were at camp,
we loaded up into a unimog and headed up the mountain
to our team of dogs waiting to take us on a ride.

(This picture is from Alaska Excursions website.)

Here we are,
on our unimog,
ready to meet our doggies!

As we made our way up
a VERY steep mountain,
this was our view on the left...

and on the right...


When we got to the top of the mountain
our "sled" and team of dogs were waiting for us.

This is an actual working musher's camp
where they train dogs...and people ;)...
to race in the Iditarod!

As you see there is no snow where we are...
and our "sled" has wheels.
This is how they train the dogs in the summer.
When they aren't pulling tourists,
they have them pull ATVs so that they
can build up the muscle and stamina needed for the race.

On our sled...ready to go!

Here is a short video I took of part of our ride.

After the sled ride you get to pet and love
on each of the dogs.
Fun fact...these dogs are part husky or malamute
and part...greyhound!
This is why they are a lot smaller than 
what you normally picture as a "sled dog."

Each of the dogs are so sweet and friendly.
They LOVE the attention they get after each run.

On our way back down the mountain,
we stopped at this beautiful vista for some pictures.
As you can see...J Dot isn't the best photographer.
Hopefully he is better at mushing. ;)

Was anyone ready?

Now we are fuzzy.

Thankfully he got a good shot on Mom's phone. 
Just don't mind Lexie's face. :)

When we returned back to the camp
we got to see all of the puppies!

We even got to hold them...eeek!!!

I am very surprised this guy didn't try
and smuggle this puppy home in his backpack!

Lexie was so sweet and gentle with the puppies.
This video is just too precious!

Before we got back on our shuttle,
to return to the dock,
we were able to take a few minutes and just enjoy
the peace, beauty, and breathtaking environment that surrounded us.

Unfortunately we ran out of time to explore the
tiny town that is Skagway.
As our ship made its way out of port
we were able to enjoy the snow covered mountains.
Here is another glacier we passed by. 

Another beautiful Alaskan sunset.
Thanks, Skagway!

If you are thinking about going on an Alaskan cruise,
here is the website for the company we went through
for our sled dog excursion...I would HIGHLY recommend them!
Hint is WAY cheaper to do your own excursions 
as opposed to going through your cruise line. ;)

Oh...and if you are wondering where my dad, aunt, and uncle were...
they did a different excursion where they rode a train up
into the mountains and biked their way down. :)

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