Monday, July 18, 2016

Alaskan Cruise Part 1 - Juneau

Oh my goodness...
I have SOOOOOOOO many pictures 
to share with everyone!

Our family just got back from an unbelievable Alaskan cruise,
celebrating my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.
Instead of overloading you with hundreds of photos
in one post...I'm going to break it up...I'm nice that way. ;)

Our first port was in the capitol city, Juneau!
Here is our entire group:
The four Lofgrens, my aunt and uncle, 
mom and dad, and my sister...
Krusers Cruising!

Before we ported we enjoyed
breakfast on our balcony...

and tried to spot some wildlife.

Lexie-loo enjoyed her breakfast inside. ;)

While we got ready...
some "super big crows" enjoyed what was left of our breakfast.

Come to find out...
they aren't crows...
they are RAVENS.
Nothing screams "California"
like calling a raven a crow.

Our first look at Juneau.

Lexie was clearly excited to get 
started on our adventures!

Loaded the van with our driver for the day.

Our tour guide drove us through Juneau
and showed us all of the sites: Governor's mansion, 
original gold mine, steepest road in Juneau, and all around town.

These pictures do not do justice for
the beauty that surrounds Juneau.

Our first stop...Mendenhall Glacier!

Again, this picture does not even begin 
to capture the beauty and enormity
of this glacier.
You can see it towering above houses
and trees from miles away.

There is a great little visitor center.
They have some ice from the glacier 
that you can actually touch.

After the glacier, we headed to the...

Outside they have a huge salmon ladder, 
where thousands...yes, thousands of salmon
are swimming up stream.
Here is a side/viewing window.
Don't you love that smile?

Lexie was NOT very happy to be
set down next to the window until...

she realized there were fish behind her.
Then she realized it wasn't so bad.

I forgot to mention earlier that there are bald eagles 
I am not even exaggerating.
As we walked up to the hatchery,
there was one sitting on the rocks...
maybe 100 feet away from us.

Here are the different tanks they keep the salmon
in during their different stages of life.

They also have a very small aquarium
with a variety of other aquatic life.

Landry's favorite...touch pools!

Before we headed back to the downtown area
our tour guide took us to Alaskan Brewing Company 
for some beer tasting.

Can you tell that Landry wasn't very happy about the visit?

But Chad and I,
in and out of a van all day, with two small children,
free beer, designated driver...
we were happy campers!

After some beer tasting,
we headed back to downtown for a
delicious dinner at Twisted Fish,
and explored downtown for a bit.

I loved the contrast of the
colorful, old style buildings, and the
raw beauty of the mountains behind.

They have an entire row of little food
booths...kind of like food trucks...
I thought this one was funny!

We finally spotted a bear! ;)

After a fun-filled day in Juneau,
it was time to head back to the ship, 
and say "good-bye."

Here I am, waving to all of my Bearcat family...
just realized I never posted this...
sorry, Jill! :(

Beautiful Juneau sunset...

did I mention that it was 10 or 11 o'clock at night?
I was watching this while everyone else
watched the newest Star Wars movie in the theater.
My view was better...just saying. ;)

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  1. Alaskan Cruise Part 1 - Juneau was so beautiful (and we can hardly wait to see the next part of your vaycay)!