Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Couples Shower

Well, I am a bit late with this post...but hey, better late than never...right? Some dear friends of ours, Ryan and Ashley, threw Chad and I a Couples Shower with all of our close friends. Once again we were reminded of how blessed we are to have such an amazing group of people that we call friends. It was a great evening filled with friends, fun, laughs...and of course...cupcakes!

Chad and I...Chad was SOOOOO excited...can't you tell by the excitement in his face!?!
Darling and delicious cupcakes...hmmm...anyone know a pregnant gal in love with baked goods?
Chad and I opening gifts...apparently Chad really like the "Single" bib...and yes, I am scratching my belly in a very lady-like pose...gotta love candid shots!
It's a shopping cart liner! I just love the look on Chad's face...he looks a bit confused...hmmmm?
Shara, me, and Erin...between the three of us we are having three babies in six months...so fun!
Kelley and me
Denise and me
Jeff, me and Deborah
Frank and me comparing bellies...thank you, Frank for making me feel little!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

School Shower

So, I know that I have mentioned before that I have one of the best jobs ever. One of the things that makes my job what it is, is the people. Not only do I have amazing co-workers but each year I am given the opportunity to meet 20 new families. This year was no different! As a teacher you kind of dread having to tell your students and their parents the "big news" that you are expecting. I know this may seem strange but believe it or not many parents get very angry when they learn that their child's teacher is pregnant. Well, once again, the parents in my classroom broke the mold. They were all so excited and so supportive through out the year. On top of their amazing love and support, they organized the cutest baby shower for me. Here is my classroom ready for the shower...I love the way they coordinated the colors to match Landry's nursery! Here is the ADORABLE banner they made...it is now hanging on our mantle as a "welcome" sign for when he comes home!
And of course, you can't have a shower without food! Notice the "baby snacks" theme...goldfish crackers, cheerios, applesauce...and then some DELICIOUS punch and cupcakes...too cute!
A close up of the darling...and delicious cupcakes...notice the "L.L" for Landry Lofgren...loved it!
Along with the food...there were some shower games as well. One of my favorites...and the students too...was the "draw a baby" game...yes, that is my name for the game. The students were each given a paper plate that they had to put on their head. Then they had to draw a baby on the plate. Here I am modeling the game for them:
and here is my baby:
As I mentioned, the students and parents went above and beyond. Not only were there games and food...but gifts as well. The first package I opened was a large basket with a tag that read "Pull Me." As I pulled the tag, out came an entire laundry line of onesies and booties! Each student had decorated their very own onesie...here is the entire line...or most of it:
At the end of the line was a large jug of Dreft...how cute are they?
Darling...and they are all different sizes...
So sweet! If that wasn't enough...they had a shirt made for me that says, "Landry's Mom" in rhinestones!
And for the "grand finale" each student wrote baby advice for Chad and I. Here I am reading their advice to the class. I think my favorite was to make sure that I didn't let Landry pee on my shirt...classic!
Thank you so much, Room 1 for all of your love and support!!! You certainly did an excellent job of making me feel so loved and special. I can't wait to bring Landry by to meet all of the "Fabulous First Graders" in Room 1!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shower Time

I know that I have talked before about the amazing families that I meet through work. Being a teacher I am so blessed to work with some amazing kids and their families too. Over the years I have formed some really special friendships with many of the moms of my students, cheerleaders, and even with moms whose kids I haven't had in class. This past weekend a group of these amazing women came together to celebrate Landry with me. Kim, as always, did an amazing job! Everything was so beautiful...and it was a wonderful Sunday afternoon filled with love, friendship and lots of laughter. Here are the pics:

The beautiful table decorYummy dessertThe Gifts

Kim had a "rule" that whomevers gift I was opening...they had to come and sit next to me and take a picture...too fun!

Lisa, Lisa and me

Jennifer and me

Sharon and me

Kristy and me

Danielle and me

Danielle and me with our "cheesy" smiles

Sharon and me...where's your "cheesy" smile Sharon?

Lezle and me

As you can see we had a wonderful time and I was once again reminded of how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life. I love you all and thank you so much for sharing this very exciting time with me!

***Note to Kim...where is the picture of you and I??? I know one was taken...hmmmm???

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bump It...chapter 4

Well, it is time for another "bump" update. It is kind of funny to me that some people are really interested in these updates. Most of the time I feel a bit ridiculous writing about what's going on...like anyone else really cares but us. Sure enough, though people are always asking when I am going to post another "bump" picture...I think it is even funnier when it is someone who sees me in person quite regularly...do they really need a photo? Hmmmm. So, here it is...37 weeks along...going strong...just waiting for our little one to make his big appearance!
I don't have a list of "ahas" this month but I think I have something a bit more entertaining. I work with a group of great teachers who are young, fun, and always up for some fun. This past week they threw me a baby shower and it was done with a cheer leading theme. As part o the theme, my coworkers had to re-write common cheers using baby words/ideas. So, I thought I would share a few of them with you:
"We've got stretch marks
Yes we do
We've got stretch marks
How 'bout you?"

"Clap your hands
Stomp your feet
An epidural can't be beat
Go Drugs, Go Drugs
Don't go natural!"

"You may be good at teaching
You may be good at dance
But when it comes to #2
You better change his pants!"

Oh, how I love the people I work with...they are the greatest!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Operation Nursery: The Final Product!

Well, the nursery is done...for now that is! Here are some pictures of the final product...they show all three walls of the room...the fourth wall is the one with the window and chair...I have already posted photos of it! :o)

Don't you just love the bags under the shelf...that's my hospital bag, diaper bag and then the carseat base that needs to be put in the car...lined up, all ready to go!I already love the wipe warmer...it makes the whole room smell like baby!!!

Here are some close-ups of the items in the bookshelf:

It is never too early to start reading!Thanks GG for the darling sign and Uncle Todd for the sweet, stuffed monkey...the childhood essential...according to Uncle Todd! :o)