Thursday, April 22, 2010

School Shower

So, I know that I have mentioned before that I have one of the best jobs ever. One of the things that makes my job what it is, is the people. Not only do I have amazing co-workers but each year I am given the opportunity to meet 20 new families. This year was no different! As a teacher you kind of dread having to tell your students and their parents the "big news" that you are expecting. I know this may seem strange but believe it or not many parents get very angry when they learn that their child's teacher is pregnant. Well, once again, the parents in my classroom broke the mold. They were all so excited and so supportive through out the year. On top of their amazing love and support, they organized the cutest baby shower for me. Here is my classroom ready for the shower...I love the way they coordinated the colors to match Landry's nursery! Here is the ADORABLE banner they is now hanging on our mantle as a "welcome" sign for when he comes home!
And of course, you can't have a shower without food! Notice the "baby snacks" theme...goldfish crackers, cheerios, applesauce...and then some DELICIOUS punch and cupcakes...too cute!
A close up of the darling...and delicious cupcakes...notice the "L.L" for Landry Lofgren...loved it!
Along with the food...there were some shower games as well. One of my favorites...and the students too...was the "draw a baby" game...yes, that is my name for the game. The students were each given a paper plate that they had to put on their head. Then they had to draw a baby on the plate. Here I am modeling the game for them:
and here is my baby:
As I mentioned, the students and parents went above and beyond. Not only were there games and food...but gifts as well. The first package I opened was a large basket with a tag that read "Pull Me." As I pulled the tag, out came an entire laundry line of onesies and booties! Each student had decorated their very own is the entire line...or most of it:
At the end of the line was a large jug of cute are they?
Darling...and they are all different sizes...
So sweet! If that wasn't enough...they had a shirt made for me that says, "Landry's Mom" in rhinestones!
And for the "grand finale" each student wrote baby advice for Chad and I. Here I am reading their advice to the class. I think my favorite was to make sure that I didn't let Landry pee on my shirt...classic!
Thank you so much, Room 1 for all of your love and support!!! You certainly did an excellent job of making me feel so loved and special. I can't wait to bring Landry by to meet all of the "Fabulous First Graders" in Room 1!

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  1. How sweet is that, Kristin!! All those onesies!!! So cute! Landry is going to have tons of clothes! :) What a sweet group of people to do that.