Monday, April 5, 2010

Operation Nursery: The Final Product!

Well, the nursery is done...for now that is! Here are some pictures of the final product...they show all three walls of the room...the fourth wall is the one with the window and chair...I have already posted photos of it! :o)

Don't you just love the bags under the shelf...that's my hospital bag, diaper bag and then the carseat base that needs to be put in the car...lined up, all ready to go!I already love the wipe makes the whole room smell like baby!!!

Here are some close-ups of the items in the bookshelf:

It is never too early to start reading!Thanks GG for the darling sign and Uncle Todd for the sweet, stuffed monkey...the childhood essential...according to Uncle Todd! :o)


  1. Fun, fun! I am thrilled (and a teeny bit jealous)for you about this stage in your life! Babies are so delicious. All parts of Mommyhood are great, but I do love a baby. Wishing you all the best in the final countdown! :)

  2. So stinkin' cute! I love the final product!
    And the real "smell" of baby will come soon. Do you just go in there and sit? I used to! :)

  3. So exciting! All that's missing is Landry! I'm going to print this (if I can) and send it to Aunt Barbara -- she will love it. Love, GG