Monday, March 17, 2014

Snow Much Fun!

On Sunday we decided to load up the truck and go on a search. A search for snow! Landry LOVED the snow last year and he got a ton of gear for it has been a bummer that there hasn't been any snow. Well, we got in the truck, headed up to Kings Canyon National Park...

to find...this...

Yup...that was all that was left! One, big chunk, along the side of the parking lot.

So, what do you do when you go to the search of snow...and there isn't any? Well, the next best thing...check out all of the trees!

I mean, I know that they are the Giant Sequoias...but holy moly...they are HUGE!!!

We walked the trails around the General Grant tree...and Landry LOVED every minute of it...even if there wasn't any snow. :)

Here is a hollowed out trunk that you can walk through.

The best part...the $5 I found at the end...almost as good as a pot of gold! :)

Landry was very intrigued with all of the information boards...and he would stop to "read" each one.

Here is the famous General Grant Tree

Big thanks to the three girls that offered to take a family pic of us!

We found another fallen tree..."This is HUGE, Mommy!"

Landry and Chad checking out the base of a tree. Landry thought that a squirrel had made this hole. :)

Chad proved that even big boys like to play with sticks!

And if Daddy has a stick...that means one thing...Landry needs to have one, too. :)

Along the same trail is an old cabin...the Gamlin Cabin

Landry thought that the cabin was pretty cool...even the dirt floors.

As we made our way back to the car Landry decided that the paths needed to be vacuumed. 
Yes, even when he is out in nature he is thinking about his beloved vacuums. :)

Once we had walked all of the trails around the General Grant Tree we got back into the truck and decided to try and find another area to explore. The first turn-off we took brought us to these...

Yup...right in the middle of the visitor area were 6-8 deer...that were not scared of our vehicle at all.

They slowly made their way across the road and continued on to the meadow.

We continued up the 180 for awhile...and finally we found a side road with this...

No, it wasn't a lot of snow...but it didn't matter to this guy! 
As you can see...he was THRILLED!!!

First item of business...snowman building! I was pretty proud of myself...Landry...wasn't so impressed. He told me that I needed to make a bigger, better snowman. Apparently he didn't realize I was working with limited resources. :)

After our snow man fun we decided to try and do some sledding. 
First try...Landry and me!

I wouldn't call it a huge success. 
Since we weren't working with much snow...or wasn't much of a thrill. 
Landry...thought much so that he decided to go all by himself! hands!

All smiles at the end!

Here are a couple of videos of his runs. As you can see...and hear...he LOVED it!

We spent about 45 minutes sledding before we decided to go grab some lunch and head home.
I was so glad that we were able to find some snow. 
Landry was so excited, enjoyed every minute of it, and cannot wait to go back.

Seriously, he asked when we got home, this morning, when Chad picked him up from preschool, and at dinner. :)

Here's to hoping that next year brings more snow!