Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pitter patter...

So, you may already know that we are SOOOOOOO excited about the upcoming addition to our family. Yes, we will have a Little Lofgren joining our family sometime near the beginning of May. We are so excited and feel so blessed to be able to embark on this journey together. Chad and I are so lucky to have such amazing parents that have set an amazing example for us...and we hope to be half as good as they were!

Those of you that are parents already know how crazy, amazing, confusing and worrisome this entire experience can be right from the get-go. I think my biggest surprise has been how unbelievably...yes, I think I made up my own word...excited everyone has been. It is times like these that you are reminded of the amazing people that are in your life. We have been blown away by every one's happiness, excitement and sheer exuberance. We cannot thank you enough!!!!

So, there are sure to be more posts along the way with updates. Yes, I am already one of those moms that is showing off photos of her child...who says you can't be a proud mom even before the baby is born? Here is Baby amazing and so surreal!