Sunday, August 8, 2010

Road Trip!!!!

This past weekend we decided...and when I say "we"...I really mean go on our first family road trip. I was dying to get out of town for just one night before I have to go back to school. Plus, we really wanted to see how Landry did on a longer car ride. So, we packed up the car and headed to Monterey!

Is the baby in the car?
Yup...there he is! Yes, if you are wondering, that is a battery operated fan that is on his carseat. In this darn Fresno heat I am always very worried that he is burning up in the I searched Amazon and botta bing, botta boom...we have a fan for Landry!

Landry was a CHAMP in the car!!!!! He slept the entire time. He woke up just as we pulled into the hotel parking lot and was in the best mood ever. So, we bundled him up and headed out to Fisherman's Wharf.
It is kind of funny when you go places with a baby. First of all, it takes 10 times longer to do anything...and you're lucky if it's only 10 times longer. Secondly, people point and comment on anything and everything the baby is doing. Case in we made our way to the end of the pier we saw a man that had a stand with all of these different types of parrots and birds. The birds were just sitting out on perches...not in any cages. As Chad and I are discussing this man and his birds, the "bird man" locks eyes on Landry and makes a bee-line towards us. Now, I have to add one little detail...this man...well, let's just say he could also work at the gettin' my drift.?
The "bird man" comes right up to Landry, rubs his hands and starts talking to him. He then turns to I am freaking out in my head saying, "get your hands off my child"...and asks if I have a camera. Well, anyone who knows me knows the answer to I have a camera. So, he tells me to take it out and points me in a direction to stand. Being the polite person that I am, I follow along. All of a sudden I realize that the "birdman" is bringing a bird up to my child...very close to my child! Time for another sidenote...I am NOT a fan of birds - what I mean is that I HATE birds...especially birds that are the size of my child...right by my child!!!
Here is the first picture with the bird...and part of "birdman." Now, before you see the next picture...please picture in your mind the "choice" phrases that are going through my mind as I snap this moment...yes, me...the person that hates birds...that is seeing a bird...the size of my sweet, beautiful child...SOOOOOO close to my child! I was FREAKING out in my head...did I mention that the "birdman" could be employed by the fair.?Umhm...FREAKING OUT IN MY HEAD!!!! Obviously everything turned out fine...good thing for the "birdman." We took our picture and continued on our way.
Chad was really cute trying to point things out to Landry. Let's just say, Landry didn't really care! :o) Here they are looking at the sea lions: And here are the sea lions...or seals...I'm not really sure! They have taken over a portion of the beach area right at the beginning of the wharf. No, I did not zoom in for this picture...they were actually that close to us...CRAZY!
The next day we strolled along Cannery Row, ate a yummy lunch at Bubba Gumps and then got in the car and headed to the beach. Since we were in Monterey it was pretty chilly on the beach so we didn't get anywhere near the water...just enjoyed a few minutes in the sand.
Here are Chad and Landry checking out the surf...
My two favorite boys! Now here is another funny story. Chad was really sweet and offered to take some pictures of Landry and I...which I was very thankful for! So, we took Landry out of the Baby Bjorne so I could hold him...and this is what happened:

Not such a happy camper! So, I thought, let's turn the other direction...maybe the wind is blowing in his face too hard...

Still not a happy camper! Did you notice how content he was with Chad? Ya...not so much with me! So, we had a little mother-son chat...

got ourselves settled down... and then...didn't even look at the camera! Oh well...that's what happens when you try to photograph a 3 month old! :o) All in all it was a great weekend! We got to get out of town for a bit, met our sweet friends Pat and Jen for dinner, enjoyed time with the 3 of us...and now we know that our little guy is such a good traveler!


  1. YAY!! The birdman has to go...what was he thinking? Is he crazy?? Yeah I think I recognize him from the fair...yucko, where's that sanitizer stuff...poor baby. haha I'm so glad you guys got out of dodge and had a great time!! Thanks again for the beautiful pics of all of you!! Love ya lots, Mom (Nawnie)

  2. Haha! Love your birdman story Kristin!! I would have been freaking out too!... You are so polite! Glad to hear Landry traveled well and that you got a chance to get away before the craziness of the beginning of the school year starts up! Enjoy your last days of summer. You and Chad have such a beautiful family!
    P.S.I've got to get Elise one of those car seat fans! Great idea!

  3. So fun! Glad you had a good time and that little Landry was good for you!