Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Project

So, the summer has basically come to an end...and I have only finished ONE of my projects. Yup, just ONE ...hmmm...I wonder what I have been spending my time doing? I have to say though, that this was a very fast and easy project...and I love the way it turned out. So who cares if it is the only thing I can cross off the ol' project list.

If you are like me you have a ton of earrings, bracelets and necklaces that end up...well, EVERYWHERE. The nightstand, bathroom counter, bottom of the purse - or diaper bag these days, kitchen counter, end table, car console, and the list goes on and on. Not only does this cause clutter, but it also results in lost jewelry. So, I decided to put an end to the madness.

I started with a regular painter's canvas... happened to have an extra one laying around. You could also use foam board, regular wood, etc. I kept some of the extra fabric from when I re-fabbed our comforter so I cut a rectangle out that was slightly larger than the canvas. Next, I laid the canvas over the fabric, wrapped the fabric around the edges and stapeled it down with my handy-dandy staple gun.
The next thing I did was grab some ribbon that would coordinate with the colors in our bedroom. So, I grabbed some sheer gold, brown grosgrain, and a fun, sheer cheetah print. No, I do not have cheetah print in my bedroom...but the colors worked perfectly...and it did inspire me to possibly add some cheetah throw pillows. I wrapped the ribbon around the front of the canvas and stapeled both ends on the back side. In order to hang my creation on the wall, I cut a small strip of ribbon and stapeled it on the top. Here is the view of the back:

Voila! Here is the final product...pretty cute huh?

I used the top two rows to hang my earrings and the bottom row to hang my necklaces. If you are wondering...yes, I did hang them in order of do know I'm OCD...right? Since the ribbon is loose in the front you hang your earrings right on them. Also, if you have post earrings you can pin them right through the ribbon.

Here is a close up view: I hung this on the wall behind our bedroom door. I love the fact that it is hidden when the door is open, so that visitors can't see it, but when the door is closed it is completely accessible. Hopefully this will help me keep my jewelry all in one location, nice, neat, and organized.
Oh ya...I forgot to show you the project I have been working on this summer...

best project EVER!!!!! Love him so much I could just scream! :o)


  1. Oh My Gosh!! I lOVE both of your projects!! I think I love the one a bit more than the other, but they are both adorable!! What a clever way to keep things all together and in plain site, so that you can use them. I stick mine in a jewelry box except for a few key pieces and THOSE are the ones I always wear, because they are in plain view. It's so great to know that in me some where buried very deep, must be some creativity- did you get all of this from your dad?? Love it and you guys very much!

  2. So brilliant! I might have to steal your project idea...the jewelry hanger not cute little Landry {I've already got one of my own}.

  3. I might have to steal both! :) They both are super cute!