Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Honor of Our SUPER Friend!

Last night we had the pleasure of honoring one of our dearest friends for his 40th birthday! Troy has been a friend of Chad's for pretty much as long as he has lived in Fresno. They were roommates before we met and while we dated. Troy has been there for every step of our relationship...from our first date to our wedding day. To say that he is near and dear to our hearts is an understatement! So, for his 40th...which isn't really until December...his wife planned a superhero themed surprise party. She spent so much time planning all of the details...and in the end he knew about it...but hopefully he still realized that we all think that he trully is SUPER!
In the invite we were given directions to come dressed as our favorite superhero...or to create our own! So here is a look at some of the "superheroes" that made an appearance:
He's been seen before...but it has been a few years since the last sighting of we were all excited to see that Beer Man was still in action!
Up next was someone that really was a bit of a mystery to me for most of the night...and still is Jake as a character from the movie Mystery Men.
I am super bummed that you can't see Iron Man's chest light in this shot. He was escorted by the Black Widow!

We all know that it is cold and flu season...but put your fears to rest because the "Germinator" is here to protect you from feeling under the weather...a.k.a. my hubby! He created his entire costume all on his own...Friday night before the party on Saturday. :o)
Finally...making her first appearance...Super Starbucks Girl! Yes, this was my attempt at a "serious face." I look pretty threatening don't I? :o)
Super Starbucks Girl...fighting low energy one espresso at a time!

The Germinator and Super Starbucks Girl unite!

Black Widow and S.S.G.

The boys with the birthday boy...Spiderman!

Here's a shot of the entire party...I LOVE that Beer Man takes his photo shoots so seriously! :o)
 Troy, we wish you a very happy 40th birthday! I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping to protect our country with your service in the Army...told you...he REALLY is a superhero!