Thursday, August 2, 2012

Turtle Bay

During our trip to Redding, Chad's mom, Landry, and me visited Turtle Bay.

If you are ever in the Redding area I highly recommend it. It is a great spot with all kinds of fun things for kids to do.

We started in the Paul Bunyon Camp has slides, a play structure, and a lot of other outdoor attractions all geared towards kids. One of Landry's favorites was the water flume. He could splash until his heart was content!

Next up...a kookaboora!

Then we headed inside to check out the snakes and reptiles. Landry discovered an exhibit that played the noises of different types of owls. He loved it...and recreating the sounds himself!

Turtle Bay had a really cool butterfly exhibit. They had a garden area that was tented off and there were a variety of butterflies flying around. They were beautiful!

Next it was on to the Elliott Tree!

Afterwards we headed to the lorakeet exhibit. This exhibit allows you to get an up close and personal visit with beautiful lorakeets. I must admit that I was a bit nervous going in...I'm not a fan of having birds fly around and landing on me but.. Landry wanted to go see the we went to see the birdies. :o) When you walk in you are given a cup of nectar and the birds flock to you.

They flocked to G.G. before she even had any nectar!

I was shocked that Landry stayed so calm with all of the birds squawking and flying is my "brave" smile!

Next we headed inside where it was nice and cool and checked out the Sacramento River exhibit. They have a variety of fish that represent the local species.

Landry LOVED the fish...

so much so that he wanted to give the fish kisses!

I think his favorite was a little crayfish! He loved watching the crayfish swim around the cute!

His first driving lesson!

We saved the best for last...

This exhibit showcased the history of chocolate...from ancient times to the present. How cute is this giant box of chocolates...and the seats that look like little truffles!

As you can see we had lots of fun exploring, playing, and getting an up close and personal look at so many different animals. Thank you, G.G. for treating us to a fun day!!!!