Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zen Monkeys

So, our very sweet friends, Pat and Jen, bought Landry his bouncer seat at our Couple's Shower. About 4 weeks ago I decided to put Landry in it for the first time. At that time he was still a little small for it...and I didn't realize that it reclined he would just slouch down into a big ball at the bottom. Well, about 2 weeks went by and I decided to try it again. That is when I realized the seat reclined back...duh...and my small child could sit in it without ending up in a big ol' blob. Chad and I have now come to call it the "Zen Monkey" seat and I think this video explains why...

Some of you might know that yesterday was a rough one at the Lofgren household. Our normally happy, mellow, peaceful little man...didn't exist. Not even "Zen Monkey" could help us out. Thank goodness our wonderful little man is back today!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust!

It is kind of crazy to think that 2 years ago today, Chad and I were exchanging vows and celebrating with friends and family at our wedding. Fast forward and now we have a mortgage payment, two cats, two car payments and the most beautiful baby boy!!!!

In so many ways it doesn't seem possible that we have been married for two years already and yet it seems like we have been together a good way! :o) I continue to wake up each morning, so thankful for the fact that I have the most amazing and supportive husband in the world. Most people who know us probably scratch their heads thinking, "How in the world do those two do it?" Yes, we are complete opposites in sooooooo many ways...but in all the others... we pretty much see eye-to-eye.

Here is a look at our past year many great memories were made with those that we love. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings our we begin our life as a family of THREE!

Fourth of July - Pat and Jen's Wedding
August -Enjoying the ride to La Bufadora

We FINALLY made it!

Good-bye Ensenada!

January - Jeff and Deborah's Wedding - 5 months prego

Our Couple's Shower - 9 months pregoMeeting our beautiful baby boy - May 6th

The Lofgrens - Chad, Kristin and Landry Babe - I love you with all of my heart and am so thankful that your cousin saw something in the two of us that was just meant to be. Here is to many more years together!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Hi Everyone...Landry here! I wanted to send a special "shout-out" to the BEST daddy in the entire world! I think that my shirt about says it mom loves buying me all kinds of clothes and then taking pictures of me...she thinks I'm pretty darn cute! You all know that today is Father's Day and I have to say that I think that I am so lucky to have the best daddy ever. He always gives me lots of love, rocks me when I get upset, finds my binkie when I need it and he takes really good care of Mommy! I can't wait until I can walk and run and he can show me how to play basketball, snowboard, and all kinds of fun things...even some crazy things...shhh...don't tell Mom. Here are some pictures of me and my dad. Its easy to see that he thinks I'm the greatest thing in the world!

I also want to wish some very special men a Happy Father's Day...
Me and Papa
Me and Poppie
and Me and Great Papa...this is Daddy's Papa!
Here's what I made Daddy for Father's Day. Mommy thinks it is pretty cute and hopes that Daddy likes it as much as she does. She tried to paint my feet red...that didn't work out so instead she smooshed them on a red stamp pad to make my footprints. Like Daddy says, she's kind of crazy...but it's easier to go with her ideas than it is to fight them! :o) I love you, Daddy!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


In my previous post I shared that Landry has started to smile when he is happy. Just this afternoon I was able to catch it in a video while he was playing on his playmat...enjoy!


Chad and I have spent many hours over the past 6 weeks simply watching our little man. We find ourselves easily amused watching the expressions he makes as he learns about the world around him, wakes up, sleeps...and of course..."takes care of business." Always having the camera nearby, I have been able to catch some of our favorites to share with you. So, here is a look at the many faces of Landry!

The Chad
This is my personal favorite because Chad gives me this same EXACT look when he thinks I'm being a little crazy. Landry first gave me this look when we were in the hospital...and he continues to give it to me on a daily basis!
The Deep Thinker
Not sure why, but he has this look on his face a cracks us up!
The Taking Care of Business Smile
Being a true boy, he is always very pleased with himself when he has "done the dooty."Just last week he started to smile for real...I have yet to be able to catch one of those on camera...don't think it is due to a lack of trying though!

The Deep Thinker Monkey Style
You can't see it in this picture but Landry is in his bouncer seat. He LOVES his bouncer seat. The seat has little monkeys that dangle overhead and he gets mesmorized by one of the monkeys.
Drum roll is my ABSOLUTE favorite...
Mommy's Little Angel
Yes, I love to watch my sweet little man when he is peacefully there anything better?

I do apologize that some of the pictures are fuzzy. I try to take them with the flash off so that I don't blind my small child...but those of you that have tried to photograph babies or children know...they don't get the memo that they are supposed to stay still! :o)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

1 Month Already!

Yes, it is sad but true...Landry is one month old today! We are not sure where the time has gone but we know one thing for has gone by too fast. Our little man continues to grow each day and learn new things. He is starting to get a little more control over his hands and feet...but they are still pretty wild most of the time. He is starting to coo and "talk" to himself and can track objects with his eyes. We love just sitting and watching him as he learns about the world around him. Here he is with his stuffed lion...
Landry, we have loved every minute of the past month...well, except for those late night chats... and can't wait to see what you learn next!