Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lexie Ann Lofgren

 Monday morning started like any other Monday. Landry and I woke up, I got him ready to go to Tammy's, and I was going to come home, clean, and finish up my "to-do" list before Lexie arrived.
Tammy and I joked about how it would be the last time she would see me with my baby she took this picture of Landry and I.

You can't see my bump...but it is a pretty cute picture anyway.
Before going home, I ran through the drive-thru at Starbucks and grabbed myself my favorites... caramel macchiato and a morning bun. :)
I had felt a few contractions that morning and didn't really think anything of it...until around 10:30 or so when I realized that they were actually pretty painful. At that point I decided to start keeping track of them on my phone.

By 11:50...I was starting to get a bit nervous. So, I sent Chad a text letting him know that we could be having a baby today...and I called my doctor in hopes of catching them before they closed for lunch. Luckily, I was able to get a hold of someone...and sure enough they said...get to the hospital!
So, I called Chad...told him to get home...tried to throw some last minute things in my hospital bag, Landry's bag, the diaper bag, called my mom and told her what was going on, texted friends that I was supposed to be meeting up with that day and let them know...we were probably having a baby today.

By the time we got to the hospital my contractions were anywhere from  2-5 minutes apart...I was definitely in labor. Since I never experienced this with Landry...I was a "bit" nervous that Lexie might make her debut before a c-section could be done. While the nurses called Dr. Mason, my water broke, and things started to progress. At this point it was about 1:30...I think...and the nurse let me know that Dr. Mason would be at the hospital and my c-section would be at 3:00. Then the texting continued...letting everyone know that everything we had planned for Thursday was out the window...Lexie would be here today!

Here's Chad and me right before they took me in for surgery! 
During this picture I had one of the longest and most painful contractions...
not sure how I am smiling here. :)

A short while 3:26...Lexie Ann Lofgren was here!

While I was taken into the recovery area, Chad went with Lexie to get her first bath.

I love this shot that Chad got...
of my dad, holding Landry up so he could see his little sister for the first time.

All washed, bundled up, and ready to come see me in recovery!

Lexie and her proud daddy! baby girl and our first selfie! :)
**One of the nurses gave Landry the darling lavendar hat. 
They are donated to the hospital and the nurse fell in love with Landry and told him that he could have it for his baby sister. He was so proud to be able to give his little sister a present. :)**

After what seemed like forever in recovery, we were finally taken to our room...or I should say suite. No joke, those of you that are familiar with St. Agnes probably know of "the room." It is known as the VIP room...and it is so nice. It is a completely private room, with an attached living room area, kitchenette, and so on. Not only was Chad able to stay with me...he had his own living area. :)

Once we were settled in the room...
Landry and my mom came in so that Landry could see his sister up close and personal.

He could hardly wait to hold her.

As you can see...he was so excited...and so incredibly kind and gentle with her.

Our first picture as a family of FOUR!!!

Auntie KK and Uncle Ron came in to meet their niece...

and it is safe to say that Auntie KK was just as happy to be holding Lexie.

The next two days were spent hanging out and enjoying our sweet little girl!

Chad was awesome and registered Landry for is that even possible?
My mom was truly amazing and took care of Landry while we were at the hospital.
I loved getting these pictures...

Landry eating breakfast before heading to preschool.

On Wednesday Landry's preschool celebrated Wacky Wednesday as part of their Dr. Seuss festivities. Chad and I didn't see the note about it until Tuesday night, after he had already gone by the house to get stuff, and I wasn't going to say anything to my mom about it because it was going to be late and didn't want her to stress about it. I literally cried on Wednesday morning when I saw this picture! Landry had told my mom about Wacky Wednesday and how his "wacky wig" was at home. She came up with the idea of wearing his clothes inside out...and he loved it!

He loved it almost as much as he loved coming to the hospital each night to hold his sister.
Have I mentioned how incredibly sweet he has been with her?

Each night he would come running in to my room and go right to Lexie. He'd climb up in the chair, get the Boppy, and wait for us to put her on his lap. Then he would give her a kiss on the head and whisper, "Don't worry Lexie...your big brother is here now."
Seriously. Heart melter!

I mentioned before how one of the nurses completely fell in love with him...well...they all did! They were so incredibly nice and sweet with him. Each of them would rave about him after he left...and they were so funny...they would come in one by one, each with a juice box and graham crackers for him, acting like they had a special treat for him. Little did they know that every nurse was doing he had quite the collection of juice boxes and graham crackers. :)

On Wednesday night we were able to pack up our things and bring our sweet girl home!

We have been enjoying our first few days at home relaxing, trying to get as much sleep as possible, and adjusting to being a family of four. It is so funny to think that we were just supposed to be coming home today...but Lexie had other plans for us. I have a feeling we will be saying that a lot with this spunky little girl.

Here is Lexie's first "bow moment." :)
I brought all of these darling headbands with bows and flowers to the hospital...
but Lexie is so tiny that the headbands are too big.
So yesterday I made some new headbands and was finally able to put a bow on her. :)

It is safe to say that we are all completely in love and can't wait for you to meet the newest member of our family! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lexie's Nursery is finally finished! 
Yes, it took me longer than I had hoped...
but I am so happy with how everything turned out. is Lexie's nursery...

Here is a closer look at her crib. You might remember from an earlier post that I fell in love with her bumper, only to find out that Pottery Barn had discontinued it...but then was GIVEN one from a mom who had used it in her daughter's room. 

I absolutely love all of the colors in it! 
I added the large, pink, satin bows.

I am in love with the monogram...which I got a great deal on from Groopdealz.
If you don't get their daily e-mails...I highly recommend you sign up.
It came unfinished so I painted it with the same color chalk paint that I used for her dresser.

Here is a close up of the wall to the left of her crib. 
Landry painted the sweet picture of flowers to match her room.
G.G. (Chad's mom) bought the adorable...and tiny...tutu.
I can hardly wait to take a million pictures of Lexie in it. :)
Side note...
yes, it is driving me slightly crazy that the shelf has 4 hooks...
so the tutu isn't center...ugh.

Here's a look at the opposite side of the room.

The chest of drawers and dresser are mine...
from when I was a little girl.
Both were previously painted black.
I used some Annie Sloan chalk paint to refinish them...
added glass knobs and... 
voila...a brand new look!

The birdcage and Cinderella carriage both came from Hobby Lobby.
More bows will be added to the birdcage...and the carriage stores her headband collection.
I made the bow wall art...thanks to some inspiration from Pinterest.

Here is the same glider that was in Landry's room. 
You might remember that I had upholstered it for his room.
Well, I decided to take off the upholstery, slap some chalk paint on it, 
recover the cushions, and give it a new look.
Don't mind the empty picture frames...
they will soon be filled with pictures of our little girl. :)

Here is one last look at our little girl's room!
It is hard to believe that we will be meeting her in one week...
we can hardly wait!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Four Days...

Pretty close to 13 years ago, I walked onto the Riverview campus as an eager student teacher. Little did I know that day, that I would be spending most of the next 13 years of my life on this campus. I finished up my initial student teaching, loved the staff, pulled some strings, was able to do my final student teaching there, and my first teaching job. First grade. Room 1. Riverview Rams...charging to success!

Jen, Laura, and I on Twins Day!

During my 11 years as a teacher I have directed drama productions, served on School Site Council, co-headed Student Council, taught reading lab, coached numerous cheer squads to first place finishes, created yearbooks, organized countless rallies, volunteer luncheons, talent shows, a literacy week, and so much more!

1st place trophy for Clovis North Stampede Cheer Competition

Celebrating our 1st place finish AND Grand Champions!

Me and Chelsey...she was the flower girl in our wedding!

Along with my teaching responsibilities, I have dressed up in 50's attire, worn my jammies to school, transformed into a nerd, become a superhero, a cowboy, an 80's "material girl," and performed in more than my fair share of embarrassing teacher skits...oh...and I even worked at McDonald's!
Too Smart for Drugs - Red Ribbon Week

Superhero scooter race

High School Musical inspired "Together" performance for the carnival

Working the drive-thru during McTeacher's Night

Things haven't always been perfect. I have been yelled at by more parents than I can count. Called a Nazi, told I had no experience because I wasn't married, lectured about my unrealistic expectations, and so much more. But along with the bad times, I have received some of the sweetest notes, cards, letters, been truly spoiled on Teacher Appreciation Day, and formed bonds with some incredible students and families!

Not only have I had the opportunity to meet some incredible families...I have worked with some of the best teachers there are. We have laughed together, cried together, analyzed data, PLCed, motivated students, given PR points, celebrated students' accomplishments, earned 3 California Distinguished School awards,  boosted each other up when we were having a rough day/week/month/ year...and become a family. 

Stan, MC, and me on our 2nd grade zoo field trip

Me, MC, Stan, and Karyn on Mustache Day

Some "motivation" given to me on a rough morning. :)

Not only have I grown as an educator...I have gotten engaged, married, and had soon to be two children during my years at Riverview.

My first grader class when I had Landry.

Riverview has been my home for the past 13 years. Up until a week ago I was on my maternity leave count-down. I am down to 4 days. of a week ago...the count down has a whole new meaning to it. I am now down to my last 4 days at Riverview! read that right. This next week will be my last week as a Riverview Ram! I have been given a wonderful opportunity and next school year I will be an Oraze Bearcat! There are so many thoughts and emotions that I am feeling right now. I have been kind of ready for a change for the past year or so...and I am so excited to start a new chapter in my career...and so excited to be a part of the Oraze community. However...I am so sad to be leaving the school that has been my home and such a huge part of my life. I honestly cannot wrap my head around the fact that when I leave my room on Friday...I will only be returning to pack up my things.

For those of you that are reading this...and learning about my move this way...I am so sorry that I haven't had a chance to tell you in person. Honestly, this change all came about so incredibly fast, I haven't had a chance to see everyone and talk to everyone I would like to.

So, as I try and enjoy my three day weekend...I cannot help but think about the fact that I am going to soak up every minute of the next four days. This really is a bittersweet time for me...not to mention that I am trying to get ready for a baby in a few weeks. :)