Thursday, March 1, 2018

Getting Caught Up::::Landry's 7th Birthday

So...since I'm so behind on blogging...
why the "rush" to get Landry's 7th birthday post done?
Umm...because Lexie turns THREE tomorrow!
Uggh...don't even get me started.

Landry and I have a tradition where
I take him to McDonald's for lunch for his birthday. :)

He also told us that he wanted a 
spaghetti dinner at Nawnie's house...
just like Auntie KK and I. ;)

For the last two years we have given Landry
the choice of having a birthday party or going on a trip.
I tried really hard to talk him into
going to DISNEYLAND...
for the first time...
but he wasn't interested in that! read that right...
I tried to talk him into going to Disneyland...
and he said, "No!"
What did he want instead?
In his words...
"I want to go to that place we went
to last year for your birthday."
Me: "Oh...Monterey?"
Landry: "Yup, that's it. It is such a relaxing 
place to go to."
What 7 year olds do you know of
who refuse Disneyland and instead
ask for a relaxing getaway?

So...we were left with no choice but to pack
up our bags, load up the car, and head to Monterey!

Why is he wearing blue glasses?
That's because one of his friends got glasses...
and he was sooooooo upset that he didn't have glasses, too.
He went through a 3-4 month period where he asked for
glasses pretty much everyday. ;)

Our first morning in Monterey
we headed straight to the aquarium and
headed to the giant kelp forest!

This boy LOVES touch pools.
We spent a LOT of time there...
mainly because he is so patient
that he waits FOREVER until the perfect spot 
opens up for him. ;)

Traditional picture under the tide pool wave.

You can't go to the aquarium without 
checking out the jellyfish!

My two guys...
checking out the wide open sea!

They had a really neat exhibit
focusing on sea birds and how they fly.

Someone refused to take a picture
in the egg.
Any guesses who?

Chad decided to get in on the coloring action!

The puffins were ready for pictures.
My kiddos...not so much!

Searching for Nemo!

These two are so much better
than a pearl!

Landry LOVED his day at the aquarium...

and as proof that he is growing up...
he ACTUALLY let let the waves
touch his feet!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Getting Caught Up::::Easter!

Yes, Valentine's Day is just a few days
away...and I'm over here just now posting 
about Easter...ha!

This little one was very excited
to get to wear her "pretty dress"
for Easter.
How precious is she?

Of course there was the obligatory
sibling picture.
It is amazing to me how little
Landry looks in these pictures...
compared to how "grown up" he looks now.

Auntie K.K. won the prize for the
most amazing Easter "baskets" that's for sure.
My kiddos are so incredibly lucky to have an
auntie who loves them to pieces.
Yes...those are umbrellas and each one had a
theme to match.

Before all of the fun, I wanted to
get a family picture of the 4 of us.
Someone insisted that Ariel be in the picture!

Not the best picture of the 4 of us...
but that's ok.
Also...that Ariel was a huge hit.
She is Lexie's sidekick now...
and has been since Easter.

After a yummy meal, it was time
to hunt for Easter eggs!

It is so funny when there is an
egg in plain site...but they don't see it!

Once we were tired of hunting eggs,
it was time for our traditional water gun fight!
We started this tradition several
years ago...and have kept it going.

Auntie K.K. was ganged up on this year...

two against one!

Did you notice those clouds in the
last pictures? Our water gun fight was
cut short because a storm rolled
in pretty quickly.

It was another great day spent with family.
Hanging out, eating yummy food, and just enjoying each
other's company...the best kind of day.

Here is the picture the kids took with the
live bunnies. Even now, Lexie looks
so big in this picture.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Getting Caught Up::::Spring Break Zoo Trip

Oh...hi there! 
Remember how I used to have a blog,
and I would write about our 
fun family adventures,
share what was going on with the kids,
and anything else that was on my mind? don't?
You mean...
because it has been almost 1 year since
I've posted anything...
you forgot?
I don't blame you.
I don't really know what happened.
I mean besides the fact that I am trying to keep 
up with two crazy kiddos.
one of my goals for 2018 is
to get back into the "blog game!" we go...
taking it all the way back to 
Spring Break!!!!!!

If you've been around here 
for awhile, then you know
that every year my friend Erin and I
take our kiddos to the zoo for our annual
Lofgren Gunstream Spring Break Zoo Trip. ;)

Over the years we have definitely
developed a bit of a "routine" for how we
work our way through the zoo.

Next up...the monkeys and apes.
We brought 4 of our own monkeys. ;)

Remember when Landry used to cry
when we wanted to take a picture with Nosey?
Not any more!

After making our way through the rain forest,
it was time to see the sting rays.

Oh you know...
just two fun moms...
hanging out with the flamingos!

Next up...
African Adventures!
How cute was this baby rhino?

Everyone was excited to feed
the giraffes!

Lexie REALLY wanted
to pet him...but that's not allowed.

Lexie hanging out with
the meercats!

In the jeep...
and ready for some adventures!

These two...
friends since before they were
even born. ;)

Final stop...
Sea Lion Cove!

Love our adventures with the Gunstreams!
Since I am posting this almost a year
after it happened...
it is crazy to see how much everyone has grown
since this trip.
Time...please slow down!