Sunday, December 30, 2018

Maui'd for 10:::Ziplining and Turtles

Well, almost six months later and we are
finally on our last day in Maui! ;)

For our final day we headed up
the volcano...Mt. Haleakala...
for some zip lining fun!

The staff at Skyline Eco Adventures
was absolutely wonderful.
Our two tour guides were hilarious
and kept the entire adventure light-hearted and fun!

To say I was nervous was an understatement.
I do NOT like heights...
at all!

Here are some videos of our adventure!

Here is my attempt at filming myself...
it didn't go as planned...
since I was so frazzled that I stopped
the recording before I went...ha!

After zip lining we still had some time to kill
before heading to the airport.
So, I decided to try and get one more chance
at spotting some sea turtles.
I had read about a beach where the turtles
loved to sunbath.
We headed to Ho'okipa Beach
and were not disappointed!

There were turtles all over the beach!

They were lounging in the sand
on a very busy beach,
without a care in the world!

Before we headed to the airport we grabbed a
bite to eat in Paia and checked off the final item
on our "Maui Must-do List."
We ended our time with the most
delicious shaved ice...because
is a trip to Maui complete without
a Ululani's Shave Ice?

It should also be noted that by this time
Chad was OVER taking pictures of everything. Ha!

We were so sad that our time
in paradise was coming to an end...
but we honestly couldn't wait to get home
to our babies! HUGE thanks to my parents
for watching our munchkins while we enjoyed
the trip of a lifetime.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Maui'd for 10:::Maui Brewing Co. and Anniversary Dinner

 So...I have this thing where when I start something,
I have to finish.
Even if it is a series of blog posts
from a vacation in June...
and it is now December. ;)

So, let's travel back in time a bit...
to one of our final days in Maui.
When we were planning our trip we didn't
want to book a ton of things ahead of time...
we wanted to kind of just "go with the flow"
and be able to relax.
You know what a struggle this was for me. Ha!

After our day of adventure on the Rad to Hana,
we had no plans for the next day.
I secretly wanted to head out and find some sea turtles
to swim with...but Chad had a different idea.
Since I had planned everything to this point,
I went with it...
plus it was our actual 10 year anniversary...
so I figured I should follow his lead. ;)

I'm not going to lie...I was already dressed
and ready to find turtles when he said he wanted to
go to a local brewery.
I wasn't super excited...
but it ended up being an awesome day.

Chad had done all of the research on this one...
so we hopped in the car, and headed out
to the Maui Brewing Company.

We booked our brewery tour and enjoyed
a beer while we waited.
Any guesses on who's is who?

The brewery is on top of a an industrial area.
The view is amazing...and the breeze was very much appreciated.
Safety first of course...for the tour.

We were lead through the brewery and the entire process was
explained to use of how they brew.
I had no idea what all went into brewing beer...
and honestly, I couldn't really tell you much of what
I "learned." Ha! is some cool brewery machinery! ;)

One thing the brewery prides themselves on
is being very "green" and reusing/recycling their own "waste."

After the was time to taste some beer!

I would say the tasting portions were generous...
and in total honesty...left me a bit tipsy. ;)
The brewery also has a restaurant...
with this amazing view!

So, we decided to hang out a bit and
enjoy the best tater tots and nachos!

The entire place has such a neat industrial feel to it!

After a fun outing we came back to the condo
and relaxed before heading out to a "special" dinner.

After some research and asking for recommendations,
we decided to make reservations at
Fleetwood's on Front Street in Lahaina.

They have a beautiful rooftop dining option where you can enjoy
dinner, drinks, watch the sunset, and listen to live music.
Our dinner was amazing and we got to visit
with two couples who were seated near us.
They were about the age of our parents and were so cute!
When they found out we were celebrating our
10 year anniversary one of the gentlemen
insisted on getting our picture.

10 years doesn't look too bad on us!
A week without kids and responsibilities helps, too. ;)

The sunset did not disappoint.
I wish I could have gotten a better picture...
without the power lines...
and one of all of the women who were
trying to get the "perfect" shot while their
 significant others just sat and watched!

This is one of my FAVORITE pics
of the entire trip.
Just us.
A beautiful sunset.

Since we like to celebrate in big ways...
we made a stop at yet another ABC store...

and I reached the status of GOLD MEMBER!
Don't be jealous!
This exclusive status earned me the reusable bag.

Oh we loved our time there...and dream of going
back some day. Next post...our last day on the island...
ziplining, snow cones, and SEA TURTLES!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Maui'd for 10:::Road to Hana

Last night we were talking with my parents
about the Road to Hana,
so I figured this morning was a good
time to finally blog about our amazing day! ;)

Here we are...all smiles...
getting ready to start our adventure!
I wanted to document this because I had
heard/read that sometimes the
Road to Hana can be a bit "stressful"
on couples.

When you first start out, it almost
feels like a drive through the country.

Before our trip I did a TON of
research on the Road to Hana.
I read dozens of blogs, websites, asked
for advice from friends...and so I had all of my notes
and tips with try and get the most out of our day
as possible.
My first tip for you...that we LOVED...
was download the Gypsy Road to Hana app.
It is a guided tour on of the road and gives great 
tips for places to stop...because many of them are hidden
and we probably would have missed them.

First "stop"...rainbow eucalyptus trees!

There is a very small grove of these beautiful trees!

As we continued on
the road got a bit more windy...and we went
from feeling like we were on a country drive,
to being more of a jungle feel.

Even though I had done all kinds of planning...
of course...I found myself needing a bathroom.
I was excited to know, from my research,
that around the next corner was a 
hiking trail with a restroom!
Then we saw this sign!

Excuse me...3 mile hike to the restroom?
That wasn't going to work...ha!
Meet my little friend.

Oh...and this was the view from 
my "restroom." ;)

We were back on the road.
Next stop...Keanae Peninsula!

This is the home to Aunt Sandy's...
only the best banana bread on the island!

We had packed a bunch of snacks and water,
but this banana bread was a delicious treat.
I also grabbed some coconut yummy!

The peninsula is surrounded by jet black, ragged
lava rock. So pretty against the bright blue water.

Who's that cute guy?

Aww...romantic little pic!

As we were looking out at the water I made
the comment to Chad about all of the coconuts along
the shore...there were TONS!
Then we looked up...
and discovered this right above us.
We decided it probably wasn't the best place to stand. Ha!

We drove around the peninsula for a bit,
got out to enjoy the amazing view,
and watch these little crabs scurry about the rocks.

Isn't this the cutest little church?

We hopped back on the road and continued on our way.
Next "stop"...
Three Bears waterfall

This was just a quick get out, snap a pic, get back in the car
stop...because we wanted to try and see the black sand beach,
red sand beach, and hopefully even more.

You can't go to Maui without seeing a black sand beach.
Waianapanapu did NOT disappoint!
Absolutely STUNNING!

The views were simply amazing!
It was pretty crowded...but still incredible.
We took a couple of short hikes looking for the sea caves
and blowhole.
Note: There are not any signs in the area guiding 
you to these "famous" spots.

After hiking around for a bit,
we discovered that the sea cave opening
was right back where we had started!
It was a little opening that I would have never gone in,
but when you opens up to this!

A little opening in the "ceiling."

Awww...cute pic alert! ;)

We never did find the blowhole...oh well.

We jumped back on the road and kept going until
we got to Hana. We were getting pretty hungry
by this point. In my research I learned that we HAD
to stop at this food truck. ;)

Oh my was DELICIOUS!
So much yummy...and just to let you know
how hungry I was...I ate every single bit of it!

Our lunch view!

Then it was time to hop back in the car
and find the red sand beach.
I had read that this was SUPER tricky to find...
and it was. The Gypsy App didn't mention
anything about it. I had printed the blogs that gave
tips to finding it...but we still couldn't find it.
At first I was so bummed because this was
a "must see" for me.
Chad was such a sport! I finally asked
him to just park and we would "explore"
until we found it. It was kind of like a treasure hunt. :)
We saw a group pf people headed down a random path
and decided to follow them.
Smart. I know. :)
Then we came to this sign...

and continued on. Ha!
We still weren't sure if it was going to lead
us to the red sand beach.
It was definitely quite a hike...and a bit treacherous
in parts. The trail was very narrow, rocky, and covered
in pine needles. Yes, you read that right...pine needles.
So, it was pretty slick and steep. One wrong slip...
and you were going down a cliff to the water.
But...then we turned a corner...
and saw this! 

I am not even exaggerating when I say
that I felt like I was in a movie, and music started
playing when we saw this. :)

We walked down to the small beach area.
I had read that this is considered a nudist beach, 
so I wasn't sure what we might find.
No nudists on this day. :)

Do you see the yellow rope? That is the trail leading 
down to the water.

We made this our last stop on the Road to Hana.
I had really wanted to go farther, but we got a later start
to our day than I had planned on. We had made
it to all of my "must sees" up to this point,
and I knew that the last stop would include
a lot of hiking...and we were already pretty we decided to just head home.
We had done so well not getting "cranky" with each other
that we decided not to push it any farther. ;)