Saturday, July 7, 2018

Maui'd for 10:::Day 1 and 2 - Exploring Kihei

Hey there!
I has been a LONG time
since I last blogged. :(
There are so many things trapped in "Cyber Pic Land"
just waiting to be blogged about...but...I am just going
to jump ahead and blog about our most recent adventure.
I might come back and recap the other things...maybe. ;)

Chad and I celebrated our 
10 year anniversary on June 21st!
About a year ago we decided to go on
a big trip...just the two of us.
We were originally thinking about going back
to our honeymoon location, Cozumel, Mexico...
but then decided on Maui instead.

We knew that we wanted to stay some place
quiet, relaxing, not necessarily in the "hustle and bustle,"
not some place super touristy, and as affordable as possible.
So, after doing some research...I decided on Kihei, Maui.
Yes, I said "I" because...if you know us,
then you know that yes, I planned the entire
trip because...well...Chad isn't much of a planner. ;)

Here we are...on our MAUI!!!

The view from our lanai...beautiful!

I found the perfect condo for us on VRBO.
The following pictures are from the 
listing on the website...not mine...
but this is EXACTLY what it looked like when we walked in!

I really wanted to stay in a room that opened
up to the beach, where we could lay out and relax
without having to travel far. I also wanted a kitchen
so that we had the option of "cooking" if we wanted to.
We didn't need any fancy resort amenities because
I knew that we would be spending most of our days
"out and about" so we wouldn't be utilizing them.

As you can see, our condo was ground level...
and mere steps from the beach!
On just the other side of the greenery
was the sand of the beach.
Being that Chad and I are both fair skinned
I also loved that we had a covered lanai where we
could still lay out and relax...but hopefully not get fried.

Our condo was at the Sugar Beach Resort,
and as you can see there was a large pool, spa, barbecue area
and even a place where you could rent water activities.
Another bonus of our was stocked with everything
we could need - snorkel gear, iced chest, beach chairs,
umbrella, canopy, beach towels, and so much more.
If you want more info on it...let me know.
It was perfect for us...and less expensive than
what we have paid stay pretty much anywhere in CA.

After getting settled in the condo
we decided to head out and explore Kihei a bit.
First stop...FOOD!
We just happened to stumble upon this
restaurant, and I had heard that they had the best
fish it was a win-win.

The below picture is from Google Images...not mine.

I went ahead with the fish tacos and Chad got coconut covered shrimp.
They were both so delicious!!!
The reviews online were spot-on.
These were the best fish tacos I've ever had.
Good news...they have locations in CA now. :)

As we got in the car to leave I realized
that another "must-stop" place was two doors I had to go. ;)

Again, the next two pics are from Google Images.

Other travel blogs had highly recommended
Wow Wow Lemonade...again...they did not disappoint.
They have every flavor of lemonade you can imagine.
I went with Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade
and it was delicious. 
Perfect combination of sweet...and a hint of sour.

We spent the rest of the evening getting groceries,
relaxing, and enjoying the quiet...and these views!

The next morning I woke up super early,
still being on CA time...and was
rewarded with this beautiful view...
at 5:00 in the morning. Hahahaha!

I decided to head to the farmers market
in Kihei...that was about two minutes away. ;)

It was open daily,
and super small compared  what we think
of as a farmers market...but it had some
delicious local foods.
Here is a wide variety of dips and sauces...

there were also beautiful flower arrangements,
poke, and a wide assortment of fruits and veggies.

Right next door was this gem...
that had the most delicious pastries!

After gathering some local favorites,
shrimp poke, ahi poke, spam musabi, and banana bread,
I headed back to the condo for a relaxing morning.

This is how I spent the next two hours!

With no plans for the day,
we set out and decided to drive up to Kaanapali
and check out Whaler's Village and Black Rock.

Neither one of us decided to jump
 off Black Rock...but we watched a lot of others do it. ;)
After walking along the beach, enjoying some people
watching, and grabbing a quick lunch, we decided that we were
super happy with our choice to stay in Kihei...
where the beach was nice and quiet and peaceful.
We headed back to the condo to relax a bit,
freshen up...and then headed back for dinner at 
Leilani's On the Beach.

Picture from Google Images

Being kid-free we enjoyed some yummy
drinks at the bar...

and then a delicious dinner!

Thanks, Mom and Dad for the gift certificate. ;)

It was a wonderful first two days...relaxing...with a little bit of exploring.
So far...we had no complaints about living the Maui life!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Getting Caught Up::::Landry's 7th Birthday

So...since I'm so behind on blogging...
why the "rush" to get Landry's 7th birthday post done?
Umm...because Lexie turns THREE tomorrow!
Uggh...don't even get me started.

Landry and I have a tradition where
I take him to McDonald's for lunch for his birthday. :)

He also told us that he wanted a 
spaghetti dinner at Nawnie's house...
just like Auntie KK and I. ;)

For the last two years we have given Landry
the choice of having a birthday party or going on a trip.
I tried really hard to talk him into
going to DISNEYLAND...
for the first time...
but he wasn't interested in that! read that right...
I tried to talk him into going to Disneyland...
and he said, "No!"
What did he want instead?
In his words...
"I want to go to that place we went
to last year for your birthday."
Me: "Oh...Monterey?"
Landry: "Yup, that's it. It is such a relaxing 
place to go to."
What 7 year olds do you know of
who refuse Disneyland and instead
ask for a relaxing getaway?

So...we were left with no choice but to pack
up our bags, load up the car, and head to Monterey!

Why is he wearing blue glasses?
That's because one of his friends got glasses...
and he was sooooooo upset that he didn't have glasses, too.
He went through a 3-4 month period where he asked for
glasses pretty much everyday. ;)

Our first morning in Monterey
we headed straight to the aquarium and
headed to the giant kelp forest!

This boy LOVES touch pools.
We spent a LOT of time there...
mainly because he is so patient
that he waits FOREVER until the perfect spot 
opens up for him. ;)

Traditional picture under the tide pool wave.

You can't go to the aquarium without 
checking out the jellyfish!

My two guys...
checking out the wide open sea!

They had a really neat exhibit
focusing on sea birds and how they fly.

Someone refused to take a picture
in the egg.
Any guesses who?

Chad decided to get in on the coloring action!

The puffins were ready for pictures.
My kiddos...not so much!

Searching for Nemo!

These two are so much better
than a pearl!

Landry LOVED his day at the aquarium...

and as proof that he is growing up...
he ACTUALLY let let the waves
touch his feet!