Sunday, December 14, 2014

Landry's Christmas Performance

Yesterday was a very exciting morning in our was performance day for Landry!
Our little man could hardly wait...he had been on a count down all week...and was so excited to get on stage and show us his moves!

Here he is with his class...

and now you can cue the tears! Not from Landry...from me!
Two things happened...
1. He was in the middle of the stage and quickly got squeezed out by the boy next to we couldn't see him for most of the first song.
2. Apparently I never pushed "record", not only could we not see him...I have no video of the first song.
Here is the little snip I got at the very end. :(
Their first song was "Hot Chocolate" from the movie Polar Express:

Since I didn't get a video of it...and what I did get you can't really see him...
we recreated the moment at home. :)

The kids also recited a poem, "5 Little Gingerbread"

And the finale was "Marshmallow World"...complete with snow at the end!
Again, you can't really see him...but he is toward the center of the video, next to his buddy Luke with the blue glasses. :)

The kids did such a great job and were absolutely ADORABLE...
thanks to these two awesome teachers...
Ms. Kim and Mrs. Sheehan

Nawnie and Papa were there to watch our little performer...

and Auntie K.K. and Uncle Ron came, too.

We are so proud of our Little Man! He was so brave on stage...and wasn't afraid at all.
Just another sign that he is growing up way too fast! I can't believe that next year we will be watching him at his KINDERGARTEN performance. :(

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Zoo Lights

If you have been reading my blog for awhile...or are just friends with me...then you know that my friend Erin and I have a "tradition" of taking our munchkins to the zoo during Spring Break. 
Well, last night...I think we added a new annual trip to our list...

If you haven't been...or haven't heard about it...ZooLights is something that the zoo does every weekend from Thanksgiving until the end of December. We had never been before and decided to take a shot at it this year...and invite the Gunstreams along for the fun. 
We lucked out with pretty awesome weather...and it was a ton of fun!

Landry and Amy...future spouses! :)

Corbin proved to be the main source of entertainment for the night! 
Landry and Amy had a complete blast with his wild stroller rides. 
Proof that it was fun...he actually got "scolded" by one of the zoo staff about being safe...he was completely safe...silly zookeeper. ;)

The entire zoo is transformed into a magical, winter wonderland. There are lights everywhere, large animal light displays, inflatable decorations, carolers, hot chocolate, Santa, and even the kind in Disneyland!

Trying to get a picture with 3 kids...looking the same the dark...with Mickey and Minnie behind them...can be a bit of a challenge.

Two out of three isn't bad...right?

Cutest little snowmen... there are three!

Once we had explored the zoo, were denied hot chocolate, and had a blast with our friends...the fun continued outside. Amy always brings out Landry's "daring" side. Funny note about this might look like Landry is actually climbing on something high...nope. He was being a cheater and walking on the dirt hill behind the first...right?

It really is too bad that we didn't fun! ;)

I've said it before...and I'll say it again...I am so incredibly grateful for the friendship of this family. I love that we can go weeks/months without seeing each other and it doesn't change a thing. We can get together just the two of us...with our munchkins...and even our adult munchkins/husbands...and it is always a good time.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Preschool Style!

On Wednesday I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with Landry and his friends at preschool. I'm not going to lie...this is one of my favorite days of the year. I love getting the opportunity to see him with all of his little friends...and I love seeing the world through the eyes of preschoolers...they are so stinkin' funny!

His teachers did a great job of decorating their classroom and each child had a place setting...complete with Turkey Toes...a.k.a. candy corn. :)

To start the celebration off, the teachers passed out little tags for each child to write down what they were thankful for...and parents did one, too.
I could barely get the question out and Landry told me, "I'm so thankful and excited for my baby sister!"
Sweet boy!

Then the kids took their tag and hung it on the thankful tree. The teachers read each of the tags and it was so cute to hear the things that everyone was thankful for. Some were kind of generic: family, friends, love...and others were very specific: my blue blanket, my tablet, this party, and so on.

After the thankful activity the kids each made their own turkey using an apple as the body and then toothpicks and grapes, gummy bears, raisins, and marshmallows for the feathers, eyes, and feet.

They were absolutely adorable!
Landry's "tidy" personality showed in his creation...
every feather had to be the same and he wanted them in a nice, straight line.
Some of the other kids realized that the more feathers they put on...the more marshmallows and gummy bears they got...and some of them quickly turned into more of a porcupine than turkey. :)

All of the other children kept their turkey, so they could bring it home. Not Landry...he started to eat his as soon as it was finished. Apple and all!
The kids had turkey sandwiches, grapes, veggies, and juice as part of their feast...along with pumpkin and apple pie of course.

Here is Landry with one of his teachers, Miss Kim...

and his other teacher, Mrs. Sheehan!

As you can see...he absolutely LOVES pre-school and his teachers. In all of the things we are thankful of them is most certainly his wonderful pre-school and ALL of the people who work there and show our little man so much love each and every day. 
They truly are amazing!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Baby Bump: 24/25 weeks

So...I have fallen a bit behind on my bump updates. This picture was taken at week 24...but now I am 25 weeks this is a bit of combination post. :)

Fruit comparison: Baby girl is the size of a cantaloupe.
Boy or girl: Still a girl! :) Yesterday I had my first appointment with my actual doctor since our ultra-sound. I asked him if there was any chance that something could have been hiding, or if it looked pretty clear to be a girl. His words were: "Definitely a doubt." So, if it ends up being a boy...well...I guess it is a boy. ;)
Sick or fabulous: I think that it is safe to say that the nauseous feeling is gone. The exception is that this little girls is so incredibly active that she has actually made me nauseous on occasion.  She is CRAZY active!
Weight gain: As of my appointment yesterday, 8 pounds.
Cravings: Still sweets...and pizza...and what happens to strike my fancy. I may be known to stop by the donut shop on a weekly basis. It doesn't help that it is right by Landry's preschool. ;) 
I have a coworker who has expressed his "concern" over my sweet tooth...I think that since I have only gained 8 pounds...I am doing ok. :)
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery started...and finished. Yes, the nesting has kicked in full swing. I have been working on getting the room cleaned out and have been repainting furniture. I cannot wait to see some progress.
Other updates: We still do not have a final decision on her name. I have my name...and Landry loves it, Chad says he likes it...but he doesn't want to commit to a name yet...since another name could come up before she is born. :) I just scheduled the rest of my prenatal appointments...which there are only eight left. It is so crazy to think that after 8 appointments our little girl will be here!
Landry's thoughts: He continues to ask when it is time to, "cut my belly open and get the baby out." Lovely...I know. Just as lovely, the other night he asked if his sister might see the crack and just crawl out herself. I am assuming that by crack, he means my scar. Oh, if I only knew what was going on in that mind of his...or maybe I don't want to know. He is also starting to get a bit concerned about how big my belly is getting. I keep trying to tell him that it is only going to get bigger.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Bash 2014

Last night we hosted our annual Halloween Bash!

I forgot to get pictures of the food and decor...but everything was the same as always...skeleton bones (white chocolate covered pretzels), graveyard guacamole, zombie hearts (cream cheese and chili sauce), vampire veggies, Frankenstein fruit, mummy brownie bites, mummy dogs, and goblin eyes (meatballs.)

Even though the food might always be the thing that always changes from year to year is the level of awesomeness that is brought with everyone's costumes!

Here are the Nettos...
Woody, Etch-A-Sketch, and Jessie from Toy Story
**All of their costumes were made by hand!**

Etch-A-Sketch with our very own Batman!

The Klingers...
Lego Woman, bat fairy, construction worker, and Darth Vader

Brian and Kelly...
The Gladiator and his goddess...
Yes, Brian has hair!

Kristen and Drew...
Dorothy and Scarecrow

The Edells...
Paul Bunyon and his Babe...the blue ox

Here he is with both of his babes!

As you can of his babes wasn't feeling the pictures. :) we are...
A  five months pregnant Poison Ivy, The Riddler, and Batman!

All of the lovely ladies!

And of course...the gentlemen!

Last year we added some fun with our "Minute to Win It Tournament." 
Since everyone loved it...the pressure was on to bring it back this year.
 After the teams were randomly was game time!

First up...
Chocolate Unicorn!
The team that could stack 7 Ding Dongs on their forehead and get it to balance for 3 seconds, won.

Jeff was off to a good start...

Deborah was dynamite...

Drew thought he had won it...
until it was discovered he only had 6 Ding Dongs stacked!
He did go on to win it for his team.

Next up...
Vampires Bite!
Players had to transfer marshmallows from one plate to the other...
only using their vampire teeth!

Kristen was looking good...

Kelly was in it to win it...

Sheri was still in it...

But in the end...Kelly won it and Team One was off to an early lead!

Next up...
Sticky Situation
Players had to bounce a ping pong ball on the table and get it to stick to a piece of bread with peanut butter on it.

Brian took an early lead and dominated with a total 6 balls on his bread!

At this point Team One had three victories under their belt and the rest of us...well...we were having fun! :)

Candy Corn Hose
Each player had to retrieve the candy corn that was in the bottom of each leg of the panty hose...without using their other hand to help!

I won this one...and finally put our team on the board!

With a boost of confidence, Deborah took continued our momentum in...

Candy Corn Stick-Up
Players had to stand candy corn up around the edge of their paper plate. First player to get all the way around the plate...or the farthest in one minute...wins!

With Frank's team mathematically out of the competition...
he decided to take a different approach to the game...
and throw candy corn at Drew's...knocking them over. :)

Deborah stayed focused and...

Winner winner!!!

If you are wondering what happened to Chad...
well...he decided to be the MC/play by play guy! :)

With Team 3 back in the competition...the scoreboard read:
Team 1 - 3 wins
Team 2 - 0 wins
Team 3 - 2 wins

Our final game...
Mummy Wrap
Each team was given one roll of toilet paper, whoever wrapped their mummy first, without breaking their paper, was the winner.

Team Two was off to a good start...

so was Team One...even though I'm not sure that Kelly was feeling the same. :)

Yup...that's me under there...trying not to fall over because I was so dizzy!

Dizzy or not...we WON!!!!

If the judges were looking for the nicest mummy...
Team One would have surely won. :)

With the score tied...we went into a tie-breaker!
Team 1 and Team 3 battled for the win with a candy corn drop.

When it was all is what the scoreboard said...

Team 3 WON!!!!!!
Last might remember...
our prize was $1 million chocolate.
Well, with a baby on the way, I had to explain that our budget had been cut...and Dollar Tree didn't have their million dollar candy bars this each member of the winning team only got $100 grand this year!

Not that I am competitive or anything...but...
my team has won the last two years! :)

As always it was a blast...
and my little Batman lasted until the very end of the party!

He loves his costume so much...that he is wearing it again...right now...while reading with Chad. :)