Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lost Posts of 2016: Mom's 60th in Disneyland!

Back in November my mom turned the big 6-0!
My sister and I made plans...
back in August...
 to surprise her with a trip to
just us girls!

We have never done a trip with just us girls,
and it had been FOREVER since we had been
to Disneyland...
so we figured what better way to celebrate your birthday?

Well, my Dad ended up having foot surgery
right after her birthday, the weekend we were supposed to go,
so we had to post-pone it until the first part of December.

Our first stop...
Downtown Disney for some
cupcakes from...

I didn't get a picture of them because we ate them
without even thinking twice. :)
They were yummy.
The next morning we got up
and headed to the park.
Our first line of the day...

Yup, nothing says, "Welcome to Disneyland"
like waiting 20-30 minutes to get into the parking structure.
We followed everyone's advice
and went straight to California Adventure first
to ride the new Cars ride.

So, I have to admit that at first,
I thought the ride was kind of boring...
but then...
the racing part at the end...
oh my goodness...

We spent a couple of hours
in California Adventure...

and then made our way to Disneyland!
Here are Kait and I in line for the Matterhorn.

Disneyland was pretty crowded.
We've seen it worse...
don't ever go between Christmas and New Year's...
but we've also seen it a lot less crowded.
What didn't help was that most of the big rides
kept getting shut down.
At one point in time Pirates of the Caribbean,
Indiana Jones, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
were all closed at the same time.
No bueno!

We made our way to "It's A Small World"
right when they turned on the Christmas lights.
So pretty!
My sister gave me a bad time
for making us stop and take this picture.
Her exact words were,
"So, we are going to be THOSE people
right now?"
We sure were. :)

We were never able to ride Indiana Jones,
due to all of the times it was shut down...
no joke, at LEAST 5 times during the day.
But we were able to hit everything else.
The "new" 3D Star Tours...

and by FAR the best ride...
Hyperspace Mountain!
Oh my goodness...
so fast and so much fun.
If you don't believe me...
just look at Mom's face in this 
Side note...
I was laughing so hard when we
saw this that I nearly peed my pants.
No joke. :)

It was a fun filled day.
We were able to make it through 
both parks in one day...
it was a little "touch and go" towards the end. :)
We got our fill of churros, 
tried beignets for the first time,
had our fair share of crowds,
and enjoyed the beauty that is
Disneyland during the holidays.

See you next time, Disneyland!

A few fun tips for anyone that doesn't know...
who is still reading now that the pictures have stopped :)...
1. The Disneyland App gives you "approximate" waitlines for the various rides. It will also drain the battery life of your phone. No joke. My phone can normally go all day and be fine. Well, by 11:00am I was down to 15%.
2. There is a vending machine where you can buy a battery charger!
Yes, true story!!! It is $30 and only gives you one charge, but you can exchange it out as many times as you want. I went through three of them in one day. I got one before we left the park and now I have can recharge it with your use whenever. The vending machine is in Tomorrowland, in between Space Mountain and the large gift shop. :)
3. We stayed at Candlewood Suites and we would highly recommend it...especially if you are doing a family trip. It is close to the park...definitely not walking distance...but a short 5-minute drive. Each room has a kitchenette with a stove, oven, full size fridge, toaster, coffee maker, dishes, silverware, etc. The one downfall is they don't offer breakfast...BUT...they have a little "market" in the lobby where you can buy food, they even have an area where you can borrow a variety of appliances that aren't in your a crock-pot! Here is a link to their Expedia listing:

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lost Posts of 2016: The Cat Haven

So...continuing on with my "Lost Posts of 2016" series...
on Black Friday...
instead of shopping,
we traveled to the foothills and
finally visited 
Project Survival's Cat Haven!

Chad and I have talked about going several times.
Most of the time it is in the middle of summer
or when we are headed to the snow in Sequoia.

If you haven't heard about it,
here is a link to their web-site:

It is a WONDERFUL organization
that cares for a wide range of
exotic/wild cats.

Here is Kong...he is BEAUTIFUL!

They also have two cheetahs...

They will come right up to the fence,
along with pretty much all of the other cats,
and drink milk from a bottle.

Next up are the lynx.

They also have several jaguars and leopards.

These two snow leopards,
Elsa and Ana,
couldn't get enough of the milk!

You can't forget the 
"King of the Jungle"...

The last cat on the tour is the stunning
white tiger.

Lexie and Chad...
in awe of the amazing cats!

Clearly Lexie wasn't feeling the photo op. :)

If you haven't been...PLEASE
take time to visit. You won't be disappointed.
It is a guided tour up and down some hills on a dirt/gravel path,
so make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear.
The cats are beautiful and you can tell
from their interactions with the tour guide/owner
that they are well loved, cared for,
and they have quite a relationship.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lost Posts of 2016: Halloween has been WAY too long since I last blogged!
I would like to blame the holidays, 
a crazy almost 2 year old who keeps me on my toes,
and the fact that we worked right up until Christmas Eve...
which meant I had to squeeze everything 
into every minute of each weekend.

So...why don't I just move on and forget about it?
Because I can't.
The "Type A" me has to share what I am calling,
"Lost Posts of 2016."
They are the things we did,
memories with friends or family,
that up until now...
only live in my phone and computer.
So, before I move on to all things
Christmas and New Years related...
here is Halloween. :)

This year our friends Brian and Kelly hosted
our annual Halloween Bash.
Since it was an adults only party
I didn't have to worry about making
all four of us coordinate.
I have always loved the colorful
sugar skulls that are associated with 
Dia de Los Muertos
and felt that this was the perfect blend for Chad and I.
Scary and gothic for him...
fancy, frilly, flowers, and detail oriented for me.

Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all
of the couples...but here is who I got.

Dorothy and Dave..
who still has their PE clothes...and can still wear them?

Frank and Sheri...
characters from the movie 5th Element

in all of his glory

The girls...
notice sweet little, itty-bitty Eloise?

The guys...

I LOVED Jeff and Deborah's costumes.
They were Ice, Ice, Baby. :)

Fast forward to Halloween Night...

Landry had decided back in August that
he wanted to be Peter Pan...
after I refused to make him a giraffe costume. ;)
I've done an elephant and a zebra...
I had to draw the line at giraffe.
The minute he said Peter Pan
I was SOOOOO excited because I knew:
1. He would be the cutest Peter Pan.
2. Lexie would be the CUTEST Tinker Bell
3. These would be super easy costumes to make.

Aren't they the cutest?

Our little trick-or-treaters!

Lexie was ALL about it!
She would have gone to every house
in the neighborhood.

Landry on the other hand...
he was ready to stop after about 6 houses.
I would like to "thank" the lovely person down
the street who likes to scare the kids. :(

All in all...Halloween was a success!

Check back for more "Lost Posts of 2016."

For a look back at our past Halloween costumes,
click HERE!

***Oh...and can I just add that my last post,
about the school board election,
got just under 1700 views!!!! 
That is absolutely
crazy for this little blog of mine! 
As a comparison, my next highest viewed
post only received 260 views. Ha!
So, "thank you" to everyone who shared my post. :)