Saturday, August 31, 2013

Portland...Day 2...Wedding Day! this point in time, to say that I am behind on my blogging is the understatement of the century. I don't think I have ever been this behind...and it is a bit overwhelming. Almost to the point of waving the white flag. My parents didn't raise quitters goal on this lovely three day weekend is to get caught up...along with about 5,000 other things I need to do. :)
In my last post I shared our first day in Portland. we are on to the wedding day! The forecast in Portland had said that there was the possibility of rain and thunderstorms...just what everyone wants for their outdoor wedding day. :)
Here's Handsome and me...I realized when I was uploading my photos that I didn't get a single shot of all three of us. :(
You see that Monkey made it to the wedding...he has been a popular guest on our wedding circuit this summer. Have I mentioned how "fun" it is having a 3 year old. Ya...that can be saved for a whole different post. :)
The weather was the perfect temperature...but the skies didn't look so great.
Time to get the wedding going!
Mike walked down the aisle with both of his parents...loved it!
 This picture was stolen from Mike's Facebook page. ;)
His parents are so kind, gracious, welcoming, and pretty much all around awesome.
I loved getting to know them a little bit better!
Chad was the best man!

He and Mike have been friends since they were in junior high...I think. They have a friendship that I am a bit jealous of. They can go months, even years, without seeing each other and yet they pick back up right where they left off. I also know that if either one of them were to call the other and say, "Hey buddy...I need you here ASAP," they would both hop on a plane or get in the car and be there for each other without even thinking twice.

Waiting for his bride...

As you can see, the bridesmaids all had these adorable green parasols. They walked down the aisle together, holding their parasols so that Mike couldn't see cute!

Mike seeing his beautiful bride! I always love to see the look on the groom's face the first time he sees his bride coming down the aisle.

Exchanging vows...I stole this pic from Mike's Facebook page. :)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shafer!!!!!
The wedding and reception were held at Mike's parent's house. They have a beautiful home on a private lake. They had the most unique...and delicious centerpieces I have ever seen. Cheese platters!!!

And then...the skies opened up! Not just a started POURING!!!!

We ran for cover...but you can see we didn't let it stop the fun!
This little man LOVED playing in the rain!

"Is my hair wet?" Just a little, Bubs!

I have seen this look on his father's face a million times! :)

G.G., Poppie, and Landry...waiting out the rain.

Mike and Stephanie did something pretty cute for the traditional bouquet and garter toss. They called everyone to the dance floor and announced that whomever caught the bouquet or a $50 prize. You know how competitive I am...I couldn't let a chance to win $50 go by...and...I caught it! Yup, even ate a petal or two in the process but...the bouquet was MINE!!! Still waiting on the $50 prize...just kidding. :)

Landry loved using my bouquet as a dance prop. Yup...a little rain wouldn't stop this dancing machine. :) So, there may have been a "little" rain...but it was a great celebration for two amazing people!
Mike and Stephanie, we are so happy and excited for both of you. Thank you so much for including us in your special day. We love you tons!!!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Portland...Day 1...Downtown and Voodoo Donuts!

Last weekend we packed up the car, drove to Sacramento, and caught a flight to Portland to celebrate Chad's best friend's wedding.
This was Landry's first flight...and after a rough run in the airport...screaming, the entire time...he did an awesome job on the plane. He LOVED flying!

Our first day, Friday, we decided to hop on the MAX Line...their version of BART...and check out the Dowtown area. I have to say that Portland was much more diverse, urban, and poverty stricken than I expected.

There were a lot of homeless people in the Downtown area...and I have to say...some of them were quite creative. Here are some shots of my favorite signs for the day...

In the center of Downtown is the...

After exploring for a bit...we all decided that we were...HUNGRY! So we stopped in this delicious sandwich shop and grabbed a bite to eat.

Then the adventure continued. The architecture in Downtown was absolutely beautiful. Here is a stunning coutrhouse.

Across the street was a beautiful, brick courtyard area with visitor's information, water fountains, food carts, and these cuties...

Feeling lost? Here's your sign!

Having fun with a statue...Chad's parents joined us for the trip.

After we explored Dowtown, we hopped back on the MAX Line to the Skidmore Fountain area...
where we found...

My sister's friend had told me all about Voodoo Donuts and told me it was a must-do in Portland! If you haven't heard of the Food Network favorite, it is a crazy, bizarre, fun, slightly inappropriate donut shop.

They have three locations in the Portland area...this is the original. We were told that there is normally a line, three blocks long, to get in. Imagine our excitement when we found that the line was only about 20 minutes long. :)

Here you have their glazed donut, Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch Berry, and Oreo topped donuts.

I asked the gal what flavors she recommended and she said the Voodoo doll...duh...and the maple-bacon bar. I have to say...the maple-bacon bar was DELICIOUS!!!!! Hands down my favorite. :)

After a day full of checking out the was time to hop back on the MAX and go back to the hotel for the night.

And here is one more pic... so you don't forget...