Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bump It...chapter 4

Well, we have hit the 33 week mark and things are still going well! Many of you know that a good friend of mine had her baby 6 weeks early, so...needless to say I have been a bit busy getting things ready just in case Landry decides to make an early appearance! Here is our most recent "bump" photo as well as my 5 "ahas" for this month!

Kristin's Top 5 Ahas:

1. Too prepared...never!

Chad has had a good time lately just laughing at me and some of my recent craziness. As I said, a friend of mine had her baby early and well, it has prompted me to start checking off the ol' to-do list. Yes, I have my hospital bag packed, the diaper bag packed, the "Baby Binder" ready to go...I'll explain more...and have washed his clothes, put them away and am now heading into nesting mode. I mean, heaven forbid this child come into the world and the junk drawer be disorganized! :o)
2. The "Baby Binder"
Those of you that know me pretty well know that I have a "touch" of OCD...can you sense the sarcasm? So, for our wedding I had the "Wedding Binder" with everything labeled, categorized, and ready to go. Well, having a baby is WAY more involved than a wedding so, of course, I have a "Baby Binder." Can you hear Chad chuckling at my craziness? In the binder I have contact information for my doctors as well as Landry's pediatrician, insurance info, our birth plan...which isn't really much of a plan at all...the "call" list of who needs to be called on the way to the hospital and after delivery...and of course a check-off list of things that need to be grabbed before we head out the door. Yes, I know that I am slightly crazy! :o)
3. Are you eating that?
We all know that there is the belief that pregnant women develop these wierd cravings for things like pickles and ice cream. Aside from my love for any sort of baked good, I haven't experienced any wierd cravings. What I have developed is an intense envy for ANYTHING that Chad might be eating. Poor guy...anything he happens to make to eat...I am all about it! I can not even be hungry, he will make something and all of a sudden...I have to have what he is having. So, he has gotten into the habit of always making a little extra for me just in case!
4., not me!
I think it is safe to say that I have always been a bit emotional but wow...lately...anything can bring me to tears. The Olympics almost did me in. If someone won, I would tear up, if they fell, I would tear up, if the showed the Canadian landscape, I would tear up. Pretty much anything will bring it on...even simple t.v. commercials. I guess it is just another one of those things that comes with the package.
5. Sleeping on my stomach...oh how I miss thee!!!!!
Yes, I have always been a "stomach sleeper." Nothing is better then laying down, grabbing the pillow and letting your whole body rest. I have to say that I think this is something that miss the most. As much as I enjoy feeling Landry's movements and my ever growing much as that's possible...I cannot wait for the day when I can lay down on my stomach again!!!!!

Rams Rock!

So, I have to take a pause from my craft and pregnancy posts to share another passion of mine. CHEERLEADING!!!! Yes, it is a love of mine and I am so proud of this group of young ladies that I have the priviledge to coach with my friend Katie. Here is a video of the Clovis West Showcase Grand Champions...Riverview Rams: