Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let 'em ride!

Today we got to celebrate Logan's 1st birthday! It is really funny how many similarities there are between Logan and Landry. They both had the same due date...Logan was born a week earlier than Landry! I had wanted to name Landry, Logan, and now they will both celebrate their birthday "Wild West" style! We had a great time and Landry even got to ride his first pony!

Here we are getting on...he did WAY better than I anticipated...didn't cry, scream, or anything...just kind of sat in shock for a little while!
 "Mom...I can't smile...the sun is in my eyes!"
 Much better!
 Still not so sure about this thing!
 "Hold the saddle like a real cowboy, Landry"
 "Silly mom...real cowboys don't hold on!"
 It was a fun afternoon...and a little sneak peak of next week's festivities. Also, after looking at the pictures of this post and the post of our zoo trip...I have decided...I need new sunglasses. Sorry, random, I know...but seriously...I look like a bug...and who wants to look like a bug?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's Go Do The Zoo!

***Warning...this post contains A LOT of photos of two super cute babies...and their pretty cute mamas! :o)***

My friend Erin and I decided to take our little ones to the zoo for the first time. It is safe to say that we were not the only ones with this BRILLIANT idea...all of Fresno was thinking the same thing. :o) Anyway, we had a blast, almost lost a sippy cup to the orangutangs, avoided lots of bees, looked at many animals, and enjoyed some good ol' girl talk!

Landry and Amy ready to roll!
 Me and Landry in front of the anteater exhibit
 Erin and Amy with the elephants
 Mommy and her "cool dude!"
 We love the elephants!

 Amy...making a move for Landry's binky
 Got it!
 Wait a minute...
 okay...guess I'll give it back!
 Our little mokeys...right after Landry threw his sippy cup into the exhibit!
 Look at the giraffes!

 The Fantastic Four!
 Smile! I'm in a hippo!
 Hooray for hippos!
 This is the only animal picture I took all day. I couldn't pass it up...the life of a kangaroo must be real rough!
 We love the zoo!

I think it is safe to say that we will definitely be going back...and I am pretty sure we will be buying a family pass! :o)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


A little over a week ago we started eating dinner altogether at the table. We are working our way out of the baby food and into real food. Landry couldn't be happier! For one thing, the child is a garbarge disposal...really...he will eat ANYTHING! It is great because he loves it all...including your food. So, we put him in his chair at the table, load his plate up with "big boy food"...I can't believe I am saying "big boy" already...and we all chow down.

"I love eating at the table!"

"This is my serious look."

"Just joking...I like to make people think that I am very serious...but I'm really just a goofball!"

"Do I have something on my face?"

"Just one more bite!"

"I do!"

Last night one of my sister's oldest friends got married. My sister and Brittnee have been friends since elementary school and our families have been great friends for years. My sister, Kaitlin, was the maid of honor...and I just have to say that she is the best maid of honor ever! :o) So, we got Handsome all dressed up, enjoyed the beautiful weather, burger bar, and celebrated!

Landry sitting on dad's lap waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Here comes the bride!

My beautiful sister...yrs, she's having knee surgery in a week!

Me and my handsome boys!

Landry LOVES his Auntie Kaitlin!

Me and my handsome date!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


So, you may have noticed...I'm 3 days late. Yup, 3 days late on my monthly update. Not because I forgot. Nope. Because I am in D-E-N-I-A-L...denial. Denial that my inquisitive, tech loving, crawling machine, giggle monster, cat chasing, Jeopardy loving, push the limits, little man is 11 months old. It can't be possible. '

Although my dining room table and "studio"...a.k.a. sewing, craft, guest, if it doesn't have a home-throw it in here room..tell a different story with the many western projects in progress...for someone's big day next month.

+33333333333  - this is Landry's contribution to the blog...really...he crawled on up and typed that little memo all by lie!

Back to what I was saying...denial. Nope. No way  is this cute face going to be one year old soon. Did you say you wanted to see it again...
Don't let him fool you...he isn't all! :o) He does however love Jeopardy...seriously. He loves to push any kind of limit...grandparents...I hope you are ready for when he is a may have him A LOT!
He is a little boy that is on the go. He loves to discover new things, try and figure out how things work...and most of all...make noise! Whether it is banging something on the wall, two toys together, a cabinet long as it makes's fun!
One thing that he does get from his mommy is his love of speaking. Here he is giving Lion some life lessons. Every night...around 7:30...after Jeopardy is over of course...he will take his binky out of his mouth and start waving it around as he "tells" us all about his day. Most of the time it feels like we are getting some kind of lecture...he is very passionate about his topics! We just sit on the couch and laugh as he continues on, getting more and more animated and passionate. Oh how we love our nightly "talks!"

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Happy Helper!

Our little helper...helping daddy wax his snowboard...
 Waxing is a fun job! When do I get to ride?