Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's Go Do The Zoo!

***Warning...this post contains A LOT of photos of two super cute babies...and their pretty cute mamas! :o)***

My friend Erin and I decided to take our little ones to the zoo for the first time. It is safe to say that we were not the only ones with this BRILLIANT idea...all of Fresno was thinking the same thing. :o) Anyway, we had a blast, almost lost a sippy cup to the orangutangs, avoided lots of bees, looked at many animals, and enjoyed some good ol' girl talk!

Landry and Amy ready to roll!
 Me and Landry in front of the anteater exhibit
 Erin and Amy with the elephants
 Mommy and her "cool dude!"
 We love the elephants!

 Amy...making a move for Landry's binky
 Got it!
 Wait a minute...
 okay...guess I'll give it back!
 Our little mokeys...right after Landry threw his sippy cup into the exhibit!
 Look at the giraffes!

 The Fantastic Four!
 Smile! I'm in a hippo!
 Hooray for hippos!
 This is the only animal picture I took all day. I couldn't pass it up...the life of a kangaroo must be real rough!
 We love the zoo!

I think it is safe to say that we will definitely be going back...and I am pretty sure we will be buying a family pass! :o)

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  1. AHHHH! I L-O-V-E this post!!! We had an absolute blast with you guys! I cant wait for our next date:-) We love you both!
    P.s. I think its is so funny the faces we make to get our kids smiling for the picture or even LOOKING at the camera (or general direction). I can totally tell (and hear what we sounded like) in almost EVERY shot!