Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter Fun!

The week leading up to Easter was full of fun, great weather, and of course...eggs!
Every year we have to get our picture taken with the live bunnies.
You can see that Lexie was thrilled...and one bunny is trying to make a quick get-a-way. :)

On Friday Landry's preschool class had their Easter Party.
I was so excited to be off of work...and not that we could go have some fun with his preschool friends.
Confession...I "think" I get more excited about the parties than he does. :)

First up...bunny ears for everyone!

The teachers made these ADORABLE bunny bags for all of the kids.
They were hidden around the playground and the kids had to find the one with their name on it.

Next up...creepy Easter Bunny! Easter Bunny with a don't see that everyday. :)

You can see the kids weren't too sure about the Easter Bunny. :)

I almost forgot...all of the kids got Jamba Juice...yummy!
I helped with some basic face painting...and turned these adorable preschoolers into bunnies.

Of course we also dyed eggs with my mom and sister. 
I didn't get a single picture.
I am finding that having a newborn limits your picture taking abilities. :)

Easter morning Landry woke up and found his basket waiting for him.

He woke up early...of course...
and tore into it quickly...
before I could get a picture of him with his basket.
His two favorite things...the scissors and Bubble Tape.
According to him..."I have always wanted a pair of scissors and now the Easter Bunny brought me some."
It's the little things in life. :)

Lexie got her own basket, too.
I can hardly wait for summer days by the pool with her in her adorable bathing suit!

My parents and Kaitlin came over for a great lunch and some egg hunting fun. 
We had to make the hunt pretty quick since the weather was getting kind of yucky.

Counting his eggs to make sure they were all found...

Do you think he has a bit of my Type A/OCDness?
Does anyone else's 4 year old put their eggs in a straight line while counting?

A holiday isn't complete without pictures of these two cuties!

And in the spirit of Easter...bunny ears!

Lexie wasn't exactly thrilled with the situation...she'll get used to it. :)

Landry really wanted to take a picture of is his photography debut!

Not too bad if I do say so myself. :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Annual Lofgren-Gunstream Zoo Trip

For most people...this past week was Spring Break. Even though I am off for a while...I was still excited about Spring Break because it meant that a lot of my friends were off of work...which meant lots of lunch dates...and of course...our annual Lofgren-Gunstream zoo trip!

First things have to make sure you have enough Starbucks to survive a morning with 2 four year olds, an almost 2 year old, and a 1 month old. :)

No...they weren't all for Erin and me. 
Three of those were actually for the kids...chocolate milk of course. :)

First guessed it...the elephants!!!

Carter wasn't feeling like smiling for the picture at first...

There's that cute face!!!

This is how Lexie spent most of her time.

Next up...MONKEYS!!!

Erin took the "big" kids into the petting zoo so that I could feed Lexie.

After petting, brushing, and chasing the was time for a snack...or four!

While the kids were eating...we used the time to take a selfie. :)

Hey's a cow!

Nothing like climbing on a hippo with your best buddy!

Look at this cute guy...hanging out...waiting to feed giraffes.

Do you think he liked it?

Pure it!!!!

No zoo trip is complete until you have spent some time at Sea Lion favorite!

Before we left we had to get a group shot...huge thanks to one of the zoo employees. :)

Do you think they had fun together?

Erin and her cute kiddos...

and me with my favorite boy in the whole entire world!!!

Another Spring Break has come and gone...another trip to the zoo...and we added another kiddo to the mix this year. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lexie - 1 Month

It is hard to believe that on Thursday, this little one turned one month old!
Here is Lexie in her first picture with our beloved "lion-bear." :)

This first month has flown by.
She spends most of her time sleeping, eating, eating, eating, eating, and sleeping.
Yes, she LOVES to eat...and wants to eat ALL. THE. TIME!

When she isn't eating...she is normally sleeping...very peacefully...

unless it is Thursday night! Yup...for some reason she hates...or loves...Thursday nights. 
Most nights she sleeps fine, getting up once or twice to eat, and goes right back to sleep. Thursday...well, that's a different story. 
She likes to eat, eat, cry, eat, eat, scream, eat, cry, and eat...all night long on Thursday nights.

Unlike her brother she HATES binkies. We have tried them all...several times.
She will either spit it out immediately, make a gagging noise, or close her mouth so tight that you can't even get it in. Also unlike her brother...she is not a fan of her swing. 
She prefers to be held. ALL. THE. TIME! :)

One thing that is like her brother is that she is quite the wiggle worm when she sleeps.
Many mornings she is found in a position similar to this.

She has her daddy wrapped around her finger already!

And this guy...well...he seriously cannot get enough of her or close enough to her!

He absolutely ADORES her and tries to help in any way he can. 
Sometimes he thinks he is helping when he really isn't. :)
He has already "laid down the law" with other of his friends at preschool was quickly "scolded" when he touched her foot one morning. Such a protective brother already.

One thing she does love...almost as much as eating and being her bath time.

And of course...big brother is always right there to help!

Sweet baby girl...all nice and clean!

In case you were wondering if she looks like her brother...
here is a picture of Landry...what do you think? 
Are they related or what?

Lexie celebrated her first holiday...

Thanks Nawnie for the adorable outfit!
Getting a good shot of both children...not so easy. :)

Speaking of "good shots" case you thought it was an easy task getting a picture of a are a few of the "out-takes" from our 1 month attempt. :)

The last one is my personal favorite!