Monday, April 6, 2015

Annual Lofgren-Gunstream Zoo Trip

For most people...this past week was Spring Break. Even though I am off for a while...I was still excited about Spring Break because it meant that a lot of my friends were off of work...which meant lots of lunch dates...and of course...our annual Lofgren-Gunstream zoo trip!

First things have to make sure you have enough Starbucks to survive a morning with 2 four year olds, an almost 2 year old, and a 1 month old. :)

No...they weren't all for Erin and me. 
Three of those were actually for the kids...chocolate milk of course. :)

First guessed it...the elephants!!!

Carter wasn't feeling like smiling for the picture at first...

There's that cute face!!!

This is how Lexie spent most of her time.

Next up...MONKEYS!!!

Erin took the "big" kids into the petting zoo so that I could feed Lexie.

After petting, brushing, and chasing the was time for a snack...or four!

While the kids were eating...we used the time to take a selfie. :)

Hey's a cow!

Nothing like climbing on a hippo with your best buddy!

Look at this cute guy...hanging out...waiting to feed giraffes.

Do you think he liked it?

Pure it!!!!

No zoo trip is complete until you have spent some time at Sea Lion favorite!

Before we left we had to get a group shot...huge thanks to one of the zoo employees. :)

Do you think they had fun together?

Erin and her cute kiddos...

and me with my favorite boy in the whole entire world!!!

Another Spring Break has come and gone...another trip to the zoo...and we added another kiddo to the mix this year. :)

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