Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey Batter, Batter!

 Last night was our first adventure in t-ball! A few months ago I was looking online to see what age t-ball and soccer leagues start and I was stunned when I learned that they started at 3. Chad and I kind of joked about the idea of a group of 3 year olds, all on the field, attempting to play t-ball. After some thought...and a few experiences where Landry was super clingy around new groups of kiddos...we decided to sign him up.
You might remember that for his birthday he got t-ball pants, mitt, batter's helmet, etc. Everytime we talked about playing...the answer was a definite..."NO, I don't want to play t-ball!" Even in the car on the way to practice..."No, I don't want to!" Chad and I both fully expected him to be in tears, not want to play...he had already told us he just wanted to sit...clinging to us, etc.
So, you can imagine our surprise when we got there, learned he was on the Pirates team, got his shirt and hat...and this was the expression on his face...
He was soooo excited to play!!!! He went right out on the field, joined his team mates, and listened to his coaches' directions.

Ready to run some bases...

Getting ready to play catch...

And...game time!
He actually ran up and grabbed the ball the first 3-4 times it was hit and would run around with it.
He also did this...:)

Then it was time for his team to bat...all lined up...ready to go!

He actually hit the ball...and ran...not exaclty in the direction of first base...but he eventually got there!

When the next inning started one of his other teammates beat him to the ball...and then...we hit the wall! He decided he was done. The water works started and there was no going back.
Before the game I had told him that if he did a good job of playing we would get frozen yogurt after. He decided that he had caught the ball, hit the ball, played, and it was yogurt time. :) Such a smartie! He wasn't buying the fact that t-ball wasn't over yet...he kept telling me, "But I payed tball, Mommy...now we get fozen ogurt!" I tried to explain that it wasn't over yet and that he needed to finish playing.
So, after a 5 minute rest...he returned to the field to do...this!
Yup...the ball would go past him and he did...this!
Still not going to stand up.
At one point he told me he just wanted the other kids to get the ball...he didn't want it. :)

Here I am cheering on one of his teammates...and trying to get him to bat one more time.
Swing...and a hit!

He decided that he didn't want to run to first base this time. Luckily he was the last batter and it was the end of the game. So, it was time to shake the other team's hands...

and get some "fozen ogurt!" The yogurt place by our house was packed so instead we hit up Fosters!
We can't wait for next week...hopefully there are a few less tears...but overall we were so proud of our little man and so impressed with the fact that right from the beginning he went out there all by himself...which is HUGE for him! :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Last night the Fresno Chaffee Zoo had a special celebration for season pass holders...Zoobilation! Yes, it was A BILLION degrees outside...and yes, I had thrown away our invitation that gave all of the details (I am kind of famous for throwing things aways before I should...oops)...but I was pretty sure I had remembered reading that they were going to be having a "Behind the Scenes" experience with the elephants. So you know what that meant...no matter what the temperature...we were going! :) I was really hoping that once we got there my memory was correct...and it was...duh! :)
First thing we did when we got to the zoo was head to the elephants...nothing new or different there! We kind of zoomed past the exhibit...which Landry was not so happy about...and made our way to the entrance of the elephant barn. Just so you know...that is a zoological term...they really call it the barn. We got to go inside and see where they prep their food, their beds, and even better...
the elephants up close and personal! Landry wasn't quite so sure about it at first. I don't blame him. The barn is a bit intimidating since it is all cement floors, thick cement walls, and even thicker cement doors. Plus it was kind of dark...especially with sunglasses on...but he wasn't about to part with those. :)
We were literally about 10 feet away from the elephants! It was so cool...I think I might have been a bit more excited than Landry. :)

He got to feed them carrots again...which of course was a hit. He didn't say much because I think he was in such awe of the fact that he was so close to the elephants.

After that we had to go and visit Landry's second favorite...the alligator.

The alligator did actually lift one foot up...almost like a wave...and Landry became concerned with the fact that the alligator was going to try and eat him.

It was pretty hot...that's an understatement...and we were hungry...so we decided to head to the snack bar before one of us decided to feed the other to one of the animals. :) Along the way we passed by these guys...

and Chad spotted...the little guy in the bottom of the picture...

a baby Colobus monkey! He was sooooo adorable...

and quite active...which made it hard to get a good picture of him. :)

Of course Chad decided that he wants one...sorry, Babe...don't think that's going to happen. :)

He really was so adorable!
We made our way to the snack bar...and I have to tell you...our child kills me. Before I have even read the choices to him, he turns to me and says, "I want fruit and apple juice!" Seriously. We are at the zoo snack bar...you see children with ice cream, pizza, icees, popcorn, etc...and you are "demanding" fruit? So what are you gonna do? Get him some fruit!

Did I mention it was hot? We found a "cool" spot under the misters. We had one wet and sweaty munchkin on our hands...he was VERY concerned that his hair was wet, his mohawk was messed up, and he wanted to know how he was going to dry his hair...silly boy!

The zookeepers had a couple of their "birds of prey" out for people to visit with. Chad loves birds...all animals really...me...NOT  a bird fan...at all. I think Landry might have the same feeling as me. He was all smiles, then right before I snapped the picture, the owl turned his head toward him and then he wasn't quite sure.

Landry loves to watch the flamingos...even though they are "tinky."

Here he is, showing us how they stand on one foot...which if you notice...there aren't any standing with one foot...he of course wanted to know why. :)

I finally got him to sit in the hippos mouth again! Of course he was concerned that it was going to eat him...so we had to explain all of the reasons why the hippo would not eat him.

I haven't been able to get a picture of him in the hippo since his first trip to the zoo...
When did he become a little boy? Or in his words...a BIG boy!
Next up, the giraffes.

They were doing free feedings as part of the celebration. Chad got to help Landry out this time. Landry was concerned that the giraffes were going to eat his hair. Ha! Have you noticed a pattern...he was very concerned that the animals were going to want to eat him. I'm not sure where he learned that or why this was a new thing...but it was kind of funny.

Of course...they just ate the lettuce..no Landry hair! :)

It isn't a trip to the zoo without a "I want to push the trower!" melt-down...and it didn't make it any better that I took his picture...he was definitely NOT  a fan of that.

It was a very hot and sweaty night...but it was a lot of fun! Apparently Landry didn't mind the heat because he started to cry when we got in the car to go home...at 8:00 at night...and said he wanted go back...NOW! :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kelli's Wedding!

So, to say that I am behind on my blogging is a bit of an understatement! What can I say, May was a CRAZY month! We started with Kelli's bridal shower, Landry's birthday, my sister's bridal shower, Mother's Day, Open House, uniform fittings for 60 future cheerleaders, zoo field trip, talent show try-outs, Kelli's wedding, Memorial Day...and then it was June...which means...SUMMER VACATION!
Back to the subject...on Memorial Day weekend we celebrated the marriage of Kelli and Israel! Kelli is Chad's cousin...and our match maker. We were so excited to celebrate her big day with her!
The wedding and reception took place at the Fresno Deputy Sheriff's Association's building. Kelli and Chad's family has a long history with the Fresno Sheriff's department so the building had a very special meaning to Kelli and her family.
Here comes the bride...

*We were asked to not use any flash photography during the ceremony...so I apologize for the blurry pics!*
Kelli was beautiful...and everything was perfect!

The cake...and groom's cake!

There was a darling candy and dessert buffet!
"Love is Sweet!"

Beautiful centerpieces...and more candy! :)

My handsome dates!

Our table was right next to the candy bar...every three year old's dream! Poppie made sure that Landry was fully loaded with candy and desserts...all...night...long!

Three generations of Lofgren boys!
You might ask...what happens when a three year old is given an endless amount of sugar? This happens...he becomes a dancing machine!

Taking center stage...busting some moves!

If you dared to leave the dance floor...he would call you out...telling you to come dance right here!

Here's just a snip-it of his moves! :)
 After a long night of dancing and fun...the celebration continued the next morning at a BEAUTIFUL brunch that was thrown by Kelli's step mom and close family friend.

The bride and me...I loved that she continued to wear her veil!
One of the guests owns a Rolls Royce...so we had to take some pictures with it! :)
Landry wasn't quite sure what to think about it...

"You want me to do what? This is my G.Q. pose!" :)

We had so much fun celebrating...and it was the perfect way to kick-off our wedding filled summer. Next up...Auntie K.K's wedding!!!