Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kelli's Wedding!

So, to say that I am behind on my blogging is a bit of an understatement! What can I say, May was a CRAZY month! We started with Kelli's bridal shower, Landry's birthday, my sister's bridal shower, Mother's Day, Open House, uniform fittings for 60 future cheerleaders, zoo field trip, talent show try-outs, Kelli's wedding, Memorial Day...and then it was June...which means...SUMMER VACATION!
Back to the subject...on Memorial Day weekend we celebrated the marriage of Kelli and Israel! Kelli is Chad's cousin...and our match maker. We were so excited to celebrate her big day with her!
The wedding and reception took place at the Fresno Deputy Sheriff's Association's building. Kelli and Chad's family has a long history with the Fresno Sheriff's department so the building had a very special meaning to Kelli and her family.
Here comes the bride...

*We were asked to not use any flash photography during the I apologize for the blurry pics!*
Kelli was beautiful...and everything was perfect!

The cake...and groom's cake!

There was a darling candy and dessert buffet!
"Love is Sweet!"

Beautiful centerpieces...and more candy! :)

My handsome dates!

Our table was right next to the candy bar...every three year old's dream! Poppie made sure that Landry was fully loaded with candy and desserts...all...night...long!

Three generations of Lofgren boys!
You might ask...what happens when a three year old is given an endless amount of sugar? This happens...he becomes a dancing machine!

Taking center stage...busting some moves!

If you dared to leave the dance floor...he would call you out...telling you to come dance right here!

Here's just a snip-it of his moves! :)
 After a long night of dancing and fun...the celebration continued the next morning at a BEAUTIFUL brunch that was thrown by Kelli's step mom and close family friend.

The bride and me...I loved that she continued to wear her veil!
One of the guests owns a Rolls we had to take some pictures with it! :)
Landry wasn't quite sure what to think about it...

"You want me to do what? This is my G.Q. pose!" :)

We had so much fun celebrating...and it was the perfect way to kick-off our wedding filled summer. Next up...Auntie K.K's wedding!!!

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