Sunday, February 24, 2013


When I was really of my friends played soccer. Her mom told my mom to sign me up...that I would LOVE it. My mom was a bit hesitant but did it anyway. So, she took me to the first practice/game...and I lasted half of a game. Yup...not even the whole time. Half of a game. The story goes that I came off the field, put my hands on my hips and said, "I'm cold, I'm all dirty, and that girl over there just kicked me." From there my mom signed me up for dance and then gymnastics...and years later I tried out for cheer when I was in junior high...and cheerleading has been a part of my life ever since!I cheered all the way through junior high, high school and off and on in college.
Not only have I been on many teams but I have had the honor of coaching elementary squads for over 10 years! I have spent the last 8 years coaching at Riverview. Every Tuesday I spend my afternoons and evenings with the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade girls that have signed up to be a part of our program. Sure, there are many Tuesdays when I would love to just go home and be with my family...but there are many more that I cherish. I love the time I get to spend with the "older kids!" :o)
This past week we "wrapped" up our "season" with Spirit Night and the Clovis North Showdown. Here is a video of our competition squad's performance at Spirit Night.
Huge thanks to Kim for sharing the video with me. The girls did an amazing job. On Saturday they performed their hearts out at our competition. All of their hard work truly paid off...we earned first place in our division and took the overall high score!
Many of these girls were students of mine when they were 1st graders. It has been such a joy to watch them "grow-up" and to see them now as 5th and 6th graders.
One of these young ladies you may remember from our wedding day. Five years ago, this young lady was a tiny first grader...and the most precious flower girl!

Today she has become one of the finest young ladies I know! I cannot believe that she is going to be a 7th grader next can that be?
I am so proud of her and feel so lucky to have gotten to know her and her family. Truth is, her family reminds me a lot of my family growing up! One more this picture I am thankfully wearing shoes with about a 4 inch wedge heel...otherwise she would be as tall as me! :o)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Wonderland

This morning we set off on an adventure that we thought could definitely be a disaster. Seriously. We decided to load up the car, head up to the Kings Canyon National Park, and play in the snow!
For the past month or so we have been talking to Landry about going to the snow. Every time we mentioned it he would say, "No. I don't wike da snow. I don't wanna go." We would tell him about all of the fun he could have sledding, building a snowman, throwing snowballs...but the answer was always the same, "No. I don't wike da snow."
So, after we were finally able to find some kid's snowgear for a reasonable price...thank you, Mom, for finding a brand-new outfit on Facebook...and thank you to the Klingers for the snow boots...we decided that this weekend was it. We were heading to the mountains.
Last night we told him we were going to go to the snow. I pulled up pictures of the park on the computer to get him excited.
His response,
"No. I don't wike da snow. I wanna say in da car and watch fum dere."
Really? You don't even want to get out?
This morning we loaded up...and like I started with...headed out for an adventure that could have been a disaster. Right as we entered the park, the ranger told us that we would have to put chains on. Can you hear Chad's excitement? Yup. He wasn't too happy...but I think it kind of worked out in our favor. While we were figuring the whole chain thing out, Landry sat in the car telling me,
"I don't wanna get out. Nope. I don't wanna get out."
After about 15 minutes he finally ASKED to get out!!!
Here he is, first time in the snow...and so excited!
After we got the chains on we headed to the Grant Grove Visitor Center. The very kind ranger told me the perfect spot to go play in the snow. Once we got there it was time to get Landry in his gear. He didn't want any part of it. Nope. Didn't want to wear his snowpants or jacket. Finally got him in his clothes, set him down, he put his hands down, got snow on his gloves and this was the reaction...

He was rather upset that he got snow on his gloves and that he was "aw dirty!" :o)
We showed him that he could just brush it off...and we got our gloves "aw dirty" to show him it was okay. Then we put his jacket on and he was off!

Quick picture with Daddy before we headed off to go sledding!

I forgot to mention that we had the whole park to ourselves! It was perfect. The snow was pure powder and we were the only ones there. :)

Sledding time!
Chad showed Landry how to sled down the first time.
Then he actually agreed to go down with me, sitting on my lap.
We were both SHOCKED!

And look at that...all smiles when we were done!
Chad brought his snowboard with him and decided to try it out on the fresh snow. It was quite the trek up the hill.

Landry loved to watch Chad and I go down the hill but he was a bit hesitant to go with us again. We finally got him talked into going down a few more times. Here he is with Daddy!

We tried to make a snowman but the snow was so powdery that it wouldn't stay together to make a ball. Landry did think it was really fun to throw snow at Daddy.

Then we hit the "point of no return." Someone...not hungry and kept saying, "I go home now. We go home now? I aw done." So we headed back to the truck and back to Grant Grove to have lunch at the restaurant.
We had a great lunch and took one more pic before loading up in the car!
All bundled up, with Monkey and blankee...ready to head home after a fun day in the snow.

On the way home, Chad pulled over to take the chains off...and I thought this was pretty funny...

Yup, that's the view from my side of the car. I asked him, "You're going to stop right here, in front of the NO PARKING ANY TIME sign?" His response, "Yup...technically I'm not parking." Okay, Babe! :)
We had a fun day in the snow and we were both so surprised that Landry enjoyed the snow as much as he did. I think that we were both ready for lots of tears, crying, etc. Can't wait for our next trip to the snow! If you are planning on heading up to the snow soon...I highly recommend going to the Kings Canyon Park. There is tons of snow, lots of places to play...and not a lot of people!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday!

Are you ready for some football? Well, if you answered, "yes"'re out of luck...because the season is over! :)
We have adopted the tradition of hosting Super Bowl...and I LOVE it! This year was a little extra special because Chad...and pretty much all of our friends...are HUGE Niners fans. So, I had no choice but to go all out for my man. :)
Here's the invite...not to be confused with an actual Super Bowl ticket...
Our guests were welcomed with this on the door...
of course you have to have a banner...
and it isn't a party without some balloons and food!

Most of you know that I have a very abnormal love for naming my party food. Really. It is a bit abnormal. It really brings me almost as much fun as the actual party. And yes, I do crack myself up with my names...ask my hubby...I think I'm pretty clever sometimes! :)
So, here starts that parade of food pictures...

I told myself that these were for the kiddos...honestly, I used it as an excuse to buy some for me. I also have a secret love affair with these tiny pockets of pb&j!

Of course there were the "usuals"...Chain Gang Chili Dip, Super Bowl Salsa, Grid Iron Guacamole, Coin Toss Cream Cheese and Chili Sauce...and new this year...
A build your own hot dog bar...

I made a list of some NFL inspired hot dog recipes...and here were all of the fixings!

I also had some toys and activities for the kids...even though they never touched them! Ha!!!

Even the "big kids" had their own game!

Cue the good ol' Super Bowl Squares! Do you see a little mister in the mix in the picture above? Yup...he was all about the squares and even bought a few of his own!

Nothing says Super Bowl like bouncing on the trampoline...right?

1st quarter ended...and Dave was the big winner! This is actually a picture of him with his 1st AND 3rd quarter winnings. :)

Sheri was the big winner at half-time!

After we all watched Beyonce and her amazing performance...I had my own special presentation for Brian. During our FSU football season Brian did an amazing job of planning all of our tailgate meals, coordinating who would bring what, etc. So, I felt it was only fitting to give him his own trophy...for the Champion of Tailgate Planning! Apparently this very expensive trophy needed a bit longer to "cure" because some of the gold rubbed off on his now he also goes by the name Goldfinger! :)

Warning...there is a slightly vulgar picture following...with some middle digits pointing at each other...
Brian was NOT very happy that Dave won the 3rd quarter, too...on a square that he bought off Brian. Yup. Won twice on the same square!

Guess what...end of the game came...and the big winner was...

Yup...our Little Man was the big winner at the end of the game...he was soooooooooo excited!

He immediately wanted to put it in his pig! He definitely gets that from his daddy. :)
Can you tell that he loves putting money in his pig?

Here's a shot of our sweet family! Even though the game didn't end the way most people wanted was a great game, a fun time, lots of food, and tons of friends...overall...VICTORY!

Yes, I made my own shirt...with the Dallas Cowboy's star in Niner is the closest I could come to wearing/rooting for the Niners. I mean, my son is named LANDRY afterall! :)