Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Wonderland

This morning we set off on an adventure that we thought could definitely be a disaster. Seriously. We decided to load up the car, head up to the Kings Canyon National Park, and play in the snow!
For the past month or so we have been talking to Landry about going to the snow. Every time we mentioned it he would say, "No. I don't wike da snow. I don't wanna go." We would tell him about all of the fun he could have sledding, building a snowman, throwing snowballs...but the answer was always the same, "No. I don't wike da snow."
So, after we were finally able to find some kid's snowgear for a reasonable price...thank you, Mom, for finding a brand-new outfit on Facebook...and thank you to the Klingers for the snow boots...we decided that this weekend was it. We were heading to the mountains.
Last night we told him we were going to go to the snow. I pulled up pictures of the park on the computer to get him excited.
His response,
"No. I don't wike da snow. I wanna say in da car and watch fum dere."
Really? You don't even want to get out?
This morning we loaded up...and like I started with...headed out for an adventure that could have been a disaster. Right as we entered the park, the ranger told us that we would have to put chains on. Can you hear Chad's excitement? Yup. He wasn't too happy...but I think it kind of worked out in our favor. While we were figuring the whole chain thing out, Landry sat in the car telling me,
"I don't wanna get out. Nope. I don't wanna get out."
After about 15 minutes he finally ASKED to get out!!!
Here he is, first time in the snow...and so excited!
After we got the chains on we headed to the Grant Grove Visitor Center. The very kind ranger told me the perfect spot to go play in the snow. Once we got there it was time to get Landry in his gear. He didn't want any part of it. Nope. Didn't want to wear his snowpants or jacket. Finally got him in his clothes, set him down, he put his hands down, got snow on his gloves and this was the reaction...

He was rather upset that he got snow on his gloves and that he was "aw dirty!" :o)
We showed him that he could just brush it off...and we got our gloves "aw dirty" to show him it was okay. Then we put his jacket on and he was off!

Quick picture with Daddy before we headed off to go sledding!

I forgot to mention that we had the whole park to ourselves! It was perfect. The snow was pure powder and we were the only ones there. :)

Sledding time!
Chad showed Landry how to sled down the first time.
Then he actually agreed to go down with me, sitting on my lap.
We were both SHOCKED!

And look at that...all smiles when we were done!
Chad brought his snowboard with him and decided to try it out on the fresh snow. It was quite the trek up the hill.

Landry loved to watch Chad and I go down the hill but he was a bit hesitant to go with us again. We finally got him talked into going down a few more times. Here he is with Daddy!

We tried to make a snowman but the snow was so powdery that it wouldn't stay together to make a ball. Landry did think it was really fun to throw snow at Daddy.

Then we hit the "point of no return." Someone...not hungry and kept saying, "I go home now. We go home now? I aw done." So we headed back to the truck and back to Grant Grove to have lunch at the restaurant.
We had a great lunch and took one more pic before loading up in the car!
All bundled up, with Monkey and blankee...ready to head home after a fun day in the snow.

On the way home, Chad pulled over to take the chains off...and I thought this was pretty funny...

Yup, that's the view from my side of the car. I asked him, "You're going to stop right here, in front of the NO PARKING ANY TIME sign?" His response, "Yup...technically I'm not parking." Okay, Babe! :)
We had a fun day in the snow and we were both so surprised that Landry enjoyed the snow as much as he did. I think that we were both ready for lots of tears, crying, etc. Can't wait for our next trip to the snow! If you are planning on heading up to the snow soon...I highly recommend going to the Kings Canyon Park. There is tons of snow, lots of places to play...and not a lot of people!!!


  1. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!! Go Landry ;o) It's so nice to see you guys having such a great family day in the snow. I think the cute little guy with the beanie and matching sunglasses is starting to be very adventurous! Love GG & Poppie XOXOXO

  2. SO fun! I'm so happy he enjoyed it, he is the cutest!