Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lexie Ann...10 months

Ugh. Another month gone.
I'm once again behind on my posts.
But I think I know why.
I am in denial.
Denial that my baby girl is almost ONE!
That cannot be right!

Unfortunately it is true.
She is double digits now.
10 months old.

This past month was filled with lots of holiday fun.
She was game for all of it.
Especially if a candy cane was involved.

At the beginning of the month
she got dressed up to meet Santa.

Not quite a fan. ;)

She got to see him again when
we went on the Polar Express!

Have I mentioned that she loves to eat?
All the time.
That's my girl!

She pretty much has everyone wrapped 
around her finger!
Poppie sure adores her.

Her first stocking!

Auntie K.K. is pretty smitten, too!


Nothing quite like a daddy and his little girl.

She loves all animals...
and is always trying to catch them.

If she isn't chasing something...
she's climbing on something...

or destroying something.
She is DEFINITELY our little mess maker!

Lexie, G.G., and Landry

She is sneakier than she should be at this age.
Start praying for us and the teenage years, now.
We will need them.

"Nope, I didn't throw my snacks ALL over the floor!"

"'re was ME!"

You might remember this picture from last month.

Well, now she can climb all the way up 
and likes to sit on top of the table.
Yes, the table.
Not the bench.
She can get herself up...and down.

She loves to stand and push things all around 
the house. Her music table is more of a walker.
As you can see...
I don't have a ton of pictures of her in action because
1. She is always on the brink of killing herself.
2. She never stops.
3. She is not the most cooperative photography subject.

Speaking is my attempt at our monthly picture:

"Hey...look at this guy."

 "I am going to LOVE you forever.
Come closer...I want to love on you."

"Never mind. Mom is trying to take my picture.
I'm going to make her work for it.
Not looking, matter what you do to get me to look."

"I'm outta here. If I go now, I can dive off the couch,
head first, while you are still holding your camera.
Don't worry, Mom. I'll land in my toy bin like always.

We can't believe that she is almost a year old. :(
She is still a tiny little peanut...
weighing in at a whopping 18 pounds.
She loves any kind of food...
but only has two teeth.
She "talks" non-stop.
Everything is an adventure with her...
and she has absolutely no fear.
Not even a little bit.
One of her favorite things...
is dancing!
Yes...she LOVES to dance.