Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let 'em ride!

Today we got to celebrate Logan's 1st birthday! It is really funny how many similarities there are between Logan and Landry. They both had the same due date...Logan was born a week earlier than Landry! I had wanted to name Landry, Logan, and now they will both celebrate their birthday "Wild West" style! We had a great time and Landry even got to ride his first pony!

Here we are getting on...he did WAY better than I anticipated...didn't cry, scream, or anything...just kind of sat in shock for a little while!
 "Mom...I can't smile...the sun is in my eyes!"
 Much better!
 Still not so sure about this thing!
 "Hold the saddle like a real cowboy, Landry"
 "Silly mom...real cowboys don't hold on!"
 It was a fun afternoon...and a little sneak peak of next week's festivities. Also, after looking at the pictures of this post and the post of our zoo trip...I have decided...I need new sunglasses. Sorry, random, I know...but seriously...I look like a bug...and who wants to look like a bug?

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