Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zen Monkeys

So, our very sweet friends, Pat and Jen, bought Landry his bouncer seat at our Couple's Shower. About 4 weeks ago I decided to put Landry in it for the first time. At that time he was still a little small for it...and I didn't realize that it reclined he would just slouch down into a big ball at the bottom. Well, about 2 weeks went by and I decided to try it again. That is when I realized the seat reclined back...duh...and my small child could sit in it without ending up in a big ol' blob. Chad and I have now come to call it the "Zen Monkey" seat and I think this video explains why...

Some of you might know that yesterday was a rough one at the Lofgren household. Our normally happy, mellow, peaceful little man...didn't exist. Not even "Zen Monkey" could help us out. Thank goodness our wonderful little man is back today!

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  1. Too cute -- That almost makes me go Zen! Love seeing him calm & happy. Love, GG