Friday, June 18, 2010


Chad and I have spent many hours over the past 6 weeks simply watching our little man. We find ourselves easily amused watching the expressions he makes as he learns about the world around him, wakes up, sleeps...and of course..."takes care of business." Always having the camera nearby, I have been able to catch some of our favorites to share with you. So, here is a look at the many faces of Landry!

The Chad
This is my personal favorite because Chad gives me this same EXACT look when he thinks I'm being a little crazy. Landry first gave me this look when we were in the hospital...and he continues to give it to me on a daily basis!
The Deep Thinker
Not sure why, but he has this look on his face a cracks us up!
The Taking Care of Business Smile
Being a true boy, he is always very pleased with himself when he has "done the dooty."Just last week he started to smile for real...I have yet to be able to catch one of those on camera...don't think it is due to a lack of trying though!

The Deep Thinker Monkey Style
You can't see it in this picture but Landry is in his bouncer seat. He LOVES his bouncer seat. The seat has little monkeys that dangle overhead and he gets mesmorized by one of the monkeys.
Drum roll is my ABSOLUTE favorite...
Mommy's Little Angel
Yes, I love to watch my sweet little man when he is peacefully there anything better?

I do apologize that some of the pictures are fuzzy. I try to take them with the flash off so that I don't blind my small child...but those of you that have tried to photograph babies or children know...they don't get the memo that they are supposed to stay still! :o)

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