Friday, September 3, 2010

Sou Chef

I would like to introduce you to my sou chef....

Now, I realize that you may be chuckling to yourself...or maybe even laughing so loud that your neighbors can hear you through your walls and theirs. If you find yourself laughing...then you obviously know that I am by NO means a chef, so why in the world would I have a sou chef? Take a look at him...wouldn't you want a sou chef if he was that cute? No matter how bad your cooking was?
So, the real story is that since I have gone back to work Landry has been spending his days with the most wonderful lady. A lady that loves him so much. A lady that I am so blessed we were connected with. An amazing lady who treats my child like royalty and holds him all day long. So what's the problem? Well, my child now thinks that he is the "Prince of the Family" and that he should be carried and held all the time. Yes, all. the. time! Which I can't argue with the fact that he is most definitely royalty in our eyes...however...have you every tried to do anything with a little one in your hands? Hmm...more on that topic on Monday!
So what is a tired, hungry mamma supposed to do when its dinner time? Stick 'em in the Bumbo, on the counter, and call him your sou chef.
Here he is with his musical turtle...having a little pre-meal chat...probably talking about how he is so glad that he isn't eating solid foods yet, so that he isn't at the mercy of his mother's cooking!Which by the way...huge thanks to Troy and Denise for this FABULOUS hand-me-down toy...truly a lifesaver in the Lofgren house...and I think Daddy has more fun "composing" music than Landry!
Here Landry is, supervising my salad making skills:
Needless to say...he loves being in his Bumbo, sitting like a big boy...right in the middle of all the action. I know it is hard to see the excitement in his face...gee, I wonder who he gets that from? Certainly not his mamma! And I love having him right there with me, happy, giggling, and cooing away!


  1. Oh, what wonderful words to hear how much you love Amy -- especially for a GG who would SO be there to watch him every day (if only I could)! Our baby can never have enough people who love him - and the comfort for a working mamma & daddy to know he is so well cared for while they work hard to give him a good life. And who wouldn't love to have such an adorable sou chef!!! Love You Guys, GG (& Poppie)

  2. So cute!!!! Noah was {and still is to some degree} always in the kitchen with me as well. I just think of it as early training.