Monday, September 13, 2010

It's How We Roll

I hope that you can sense just one ounce of my excitement...are you feeling it...mmhmm...such a proud mommy I am! If the title of the post didn't give it away...Landry rolled over for the first time today! I know...amazing, apparently you aren't quite as excited as I am. Whatever.

Every morning Chad wakes up Landry before he goes to work, I feed him, and then I lay him on a blanket in the hallway, outside of the bathroom while I finish getting ready. So, this morning I laid him down on his back. I'm finishing up my hair and make-up, talking to him, he's cooing back at me. Then I turn around...what do I find...he is on his tummy. Wait a minute...tummy...I left you on your back little man. I have never been so excited and so bummed all at once. He rolled over for thefirst time...and I missed it...I was doing my hair! How lame is that? Totally lame...that's what it is. So, trying to make up and earn back my "Mother of the Year" that snickering I hear...I grab the Flip and try to get him to do it again. Here's what I got...


Sorry...the video was too large to upload to Blogger...darned HD video!

And then there was this...

By the way...Chad doesn't think this really counts as rolling over...whatever!

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