Saturday, September 11, 2010


It appears that we have Houdini in the Lofgren household. Here is a picture of what Landry normally looks like while he is sleeping...this photo was taken when he was only a month old. Notice how he is swaddled so neatly in his SwaddleMe, laying in his sleep positioner so he can't roll around. And then there is this...
This is how I found him the other morning. Yup, arms out, leg out...and the creme de la creme...completely out, off and sideways on the sleep positioner. What do you he trying to let me know that he no longer needs the sleep positioner or the SwaddleMe?

1 comment:

  1. It appears you do indeed have houdini in your presence. Even Dad got quite a kick out of his antics. Doing a rendition of an old cartoon character- "I don't need no stinking swaddle me"..What a doll. Well, hopefully you and he will get plenty of sleep. It is amazing how he can get out of that thing. Cracking me up....