Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bump It...chapter 4

Well, it is time for another "bump" update. It is kind of funny to me that some people are really interested in these updates. Most of the time I feel a bit ridiculous writing about what's going anyone else really cares but us. Sure enough, though people are always asking when I am going to post another "bump" picture...I think it is even funnier when it is someone who sees me in person quite they really need a photo? Hmmmm. So, here it is...37 weeks along...going strong...just waiting for our little one to make his big appearance!
I don't have a list of "ahas" this month but I think I have something a bit more entertaining. I work with a group of great teachers who are young, fun, and always up for some fun. This past week they threw me a baby shower and it was done with a cheer leading theme. As part o the theme, my coworkers had to re-write common cheers using baby words/ideas. So, I thought I would share a few of them with you:
"We've got stretch marks
Yes we do
We've got stretch marks
How 'bout you?"

"Clap your hands
Stomp your feet
An epidural can't be beat
Go Drugs, Go Drugs
Don't go natural!"

"You may be good at teaching
You may be good at dance
But when it comes to #2
You better change his pants!"

Oh, how I love the people I work with...they are the greatest!

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