Thursday, July 28, 2016

Alaskan Cruise Part 4 - Victoria, B.C.

Oh Canada!
The last port on our cruise was
Victoria, B.C.

Our plan for the day was to walk to the downtown
area, get on a hop-on hop-off bus that would
take us all around Victoria, and end the day at
Fisherman's Wharf.

Well...what was supposed to be a 15 minute walk
to town...was actually more of a 30 minute walk.
This became a joke with us during the trip
because whenever we would ask how far something was,
the answer was ALWAYS...15 minutes...
and that was NEVER accurate. ;)

The plus-side was that we got to see
quite a bit of Victoria and it is so pretty, quaint,
colorful, and proper feeling...if that makes sense.

The Parliament Building

Famous Empress Hotel
My sister, aunt, and uncle enjoyed "high tea" 
at the hotel.

Victoria is known for the beautiful
gardens and flowers that highlight the city.

In the downtown area a lot of the shops
had these fun, large, stuffed animals out front.
I thought it would be fun to get pictures with them.

As you can see...someone else didn't agree.
Even Lexie rebelled against the idea.

She finally gave in...kind of.

Landry...not so much.
He pretty much cried his way through joke.

Since Brother stole her stroller,
Little Miss Independent enjoyed her freedom
strolling through the streets.

Remember how I mentioned earlier
that our "plan" was to ride around on this darling
hop-on hop-off bus?
We had purchased a Groupon and it sounded great,
22 stops all over Victoria,
buses were supposed to come to each stop in 15 minute increments,
you could get off, explore for however long you wanted,
and get back on however many times you wanted.

So we hopped on...
enjoyed part of the city...
and decided to get off at the...

It was this darling little farm with all kinds of farm animals.

The ducks were a little crazy
and thoroughly enjoyed
splashing anyone and everyone
who came close to their pond.


They were on the ground,
in pens,
in the TREES...

Cute sheep

Lexie was in heaven!

Here is just one of the peacocks
in a least 20 feet high.


and the highlight...

that is where the enjoyment ended for us in Victoria. :(
Our hop-on hop-off bus ended up being a
"hop-off and get stranded at Beacon Hill bus!"
No joke!
We headed out to wait for the bus...and it NEVER came back!
After waiting for an hour...
when at least 3 buses should have come by...
my sister finally called the company and we were told
that one of their buses had broken down.
Hmmm...what about all of the other buses?
At this point we knew that we wouldn't be able to get
off at ANY of the other stops...
we would just have to ride the bus back to the last stop. :(
Well, after being PROMISED that a bus would be there
within 30 minutes...and NO BUS came...
we ended up have to call a cab and took a cab back to the ship.

Needless to say, we were so disappointed!
What was even worse...was the bus company NEVER
apologized for their lack of service and STILL hasn't responded
to my e-mails. So...if you are ever in Victoria,
DO NOT use Big Bus Victoria!!!!
I hate to do that...but their lack of customer service is apalling.
What I will say is that Groupon is FABULOUS!!!!
I wrote them, just to let them know about our experience
and how this company runs their business,
and they were so apologetic and refunded me for the purchase.
Way to go, Groupon!

So, our day didn't go as planned.
But it was full of adventure,
and now we joke about the "15 minute" walk...
and the "hop-on and leave you stranded" bus! :)


  1. Oh, dear -- that is too bad about the "hop-on; get-stranded" bus story. But I have to tell you, Kristin, I laughed pretty hard when I read it. I think that's why you are such a great blogger! Not because I'm mean or anything, but that you put in the good, the bad and the ugly. Sort of the opposite of people who at Christmas will send out a yearly update in their lives, but will only mention things like they hit the Lotto; little Johnny got the lead in the school play -- blah, blah, blah! Keep 'em coming, Sweetie. We love to read and look at them!!!

    1. Aww...thanks! Yes, I try to "keep it real" and write about the good, the bad, and the ugly. I try really hard to make sure that people don't get the impression that our life is perfect all the time. ;) It is funny...and we laugh about it now...but at the time...when we were stuck...and wasn't so funny. ;)