Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Alaskan Cruise Part 5 - Seattle has been almost a month
since we went on our cruise...
and I am still posting about it. :)

Our ship was based out of Seattle.
Yes, the home of Starbucks, Grey's Anatomy,
and part of the Twilight trilogy. ;)

When we first planned our trip I really wanted
to spend a few days in Seattle to check out
all of the neat sights:
Pike's Public Market, the first Starbucks,
the Space Needle, ride a ferry, you know...
all of the "touristy" things.
After thinking about that fact that we were
all going to be together,
on a boat,
for seven days,
I decided that by the end...
we'd probably be ready to just head home.

Thankfully we debarked the ship around 9am on Friday
and our flight home wasn't until Saturday evening,
so we had just enough time to check some things out.

First stop...

I was soooooo excited to
got to Pike's Public Market.
Like ridiculously excited.
It was everything I had imagined...and more.

There were tons of fish...obviously...

tons of people,
and all kinds of produce.
It was like a GIANT farmer's market.

I am a lover of big cities,
and I get a bit of an adrenaline rush when I visit one.
I will say that being here, with my kiddos:
one in a stroller and one free to wander,
in a HUGE crowd of people...
gave me a bit of anxiety.
Like to the point that I had to just get out of Dodge
if you know what I mean.

We decided that we were all beyond hungry,
shocking...I know.
So, we tried to walk away from the
craziness...good luck...
and we stumbled across this neat brewery/restaurant.

Landry approved. :)
We had a great lunch...
even though this darling child refused to eat his
mac and cheese because it was..."yucky."
The joys of a suddenly very picky 6 year old eater.

Everyone else was pretty much ready to call it a day...
but my sister and I were on a mission.
A mission to find the very first Starbucks!
Of course it wasn't hard to find.
I mean, it was the coffee shop that had a line of 100
or so people coming out the front...
and very few of them were leaving with coffee.

Yes, you can get coffee...but there are two other locations...
no joke...within the same block that are more like
the Starbucks we all know, love, and hand over our paychecks to.

We debated...for about 30 seconds..
as whether or not we wanted to stand in line.
Guess what?

We did!
It really only took about 20 minutes or so.
We were able to wait in the
Disneylandish line and load up on
$45 later...and three cups...
thank you to many gift cards...
we left with our mementos.

While waiting in line,
a couple behind us were eating
the most delicious looking
pecan and caramel covered,
gooey, doughy, roll of a treat.
We asked them where they got it...
because of course we had to have one...or ten...
and they directed us to this cute little shop.

Of course, they only had one in their display case...
and there were 5 of us. :(
I asked the guy working if they had more
and he told me they would be right out.
Funny side-bar:
I asked him how long until they were "right out"...
remember our "15 minute walk" experiences...
and he said," Well, they have to cool, then we flip them, 
melt the caramel, sprinkle with pecans, let cool again and they will be ready."
I answered, "So are we talking about 15-20 minutes?"
He responds, looking at me like I am a complete moron,
 " two minutes."
I would have waited the 20 minutes...
and in my head I thought there was no way
 he could do all of that in two minutes...
so we waited.
I didn't time him...
but no joke two minutes later, and we had 
five of these delicious goodies bagged up and ready to devour!

Best. Caramel Pecan Roll-thingy. Ever!!!
Oh my goodness...
so gooey, and caramel-y.

They also had this really funny change jar on their I had to get a picture of it.

That was all we were able to fit in during our time in Seattle.
To say we were exhausted at this point is an understatement.
And if I had to load/unload Lexie in and out of another
stroller, shuttle, taxi, train, anything...
I was going to shoot myself.

Hopefully sometime relatively soon we will be able to
fly back up and spend some more time in Seattle.
Until then, I have this post to remind me of our quick time there.

Guess what this means...
only one more post to go about our trip.
Yup...I have one more...
all about our "life on the ship!"
I know you will be sitting on the edge of your seat,
eagerly awaiting. ;)

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