Friday, August 12, 2016

Alaskan Cruise Part 6 - Ship Life!

Well, I hate to break it to you...
this is my last post about our cruise.
I know, I only drug it out for a month. ;)

As I shared in my last post, 
our cruise departed from Seattle, Washington.
Thankfully there is a direct flight from Seattle to Fresno.
This cutie worked on her selfie game 
while we waited in the airport. :)

Landry was super excited to sit next to
Auntie K.K. on the plane!

I tried to warn everyone on the plane
with Lexie's onesie that said, "Wild One."

She did a great job on both flights.
I cannot say enough great things about Alaskan Air.
We had flown them once before,
and again for this trip,
and they are just the best!

We cruised with Royal Caribbean.
Here is our ship, Explorer of the Seas.

She was HUGE!!!!
I tried to get a picture of how tall she was, 
but couldn't fit the whole ship in the frame 
as I was looking straight up.

Nawnie and Landry selfie
as we were leaving port in Seattle.

Papa got in the shot this time.
Side note...if you haven't watched my parents
try to take a should.
It is hilarious!
Sorry you tons...but it really is funny! ;)

Apparently watching the ship leave
the dock is very serious business in my family...

and then there's me!

All seven of us (my parents, sister, and the 4 of us)
stayed together in the Royal Family Suite.
I was rather nervous about this.
All seven of us.
In one suite.
For SEVEN days.
It turned out to be great!

We had a good size living room...
which doubled as my sister's room. ;)

My parents had their own master with a full bathroom...
bath tub included!

Chad, Landry, and I had our own bedroom...

with a bunk that came down from the ceiling
and a vanity area.

We spent a LOT of time on the balcony that had
a table with 4 chairs and two loungers.

Our room also had another bathroom with shower,
as well as a large walk-in closet,
and dinette area.

There were all kinds of activities on the ship.
You can't cruise without playing some shuffle board!

We watched movies, singers, dancers,
a magic show, and a comedian in the theater.

There was basketball, ping pong, a wave-rider,
an arcade, and Landry loved the mini-golf!

Of course there was also a casino on the ship.
We walked through it several times on the
way to the theater, and Landry always got
nervous walking over this glass walk-way that
had gold, coins, and jewels underneath.
By about day joke...he finally trusted us
when we told him he wouldn't fall through it.
Then it became his favorite place!

There was a rock-climbing wall...
and I was pretty proud that I could make
it all the way to the top!

My arms were super sore the next day
but I made it to the top! ;)

There was even an ice skating show!

We had a chance to test out our
ice skating skills, too.

This was Landry's first time skating.
Chad and I thought he'd last about 2 minutes
and end up crying.
We were so wrong!

He loved it!

He never let go of us...or the wall...
but he still had fun!

Every cruise has the Captain's Dinner
where everyone gets dressed up.

How cute is she?
As a side note...
that dress is a 3-6 months...
yup, she was 16 months.
Sassy little peanut!

Since it was formal night,
Lexie decided to eat her fruit snacks
with a fork.
So proper!

I will say that our meals in the
dining room weren't my favorite.
They were SUPER long...
and when you have a very active 16 month isn't always a good mix.
Don't get me wrong,
the food was wonderful...
but it was just l-o-n-g.

You can't pass up the buffet!
As you can see...
Lexie LOVED the buffet.

Yes, she really did eat all of that food.

There was one glorious night
when she fell asleep during dinner.
Did I say glorious?
Ooops. ;)

Celebrating my parents' 40th anniversary!

Finally...the traditional
cruise towel animals.

We really did have a great time, 
and I would HIGHLY recommend
the cruise, cruiseline, and ship to anyone.
There were so many more amenities
on the ship that I didn't mention such as a
fitness center, spa, shops, multiple bars of course,
Johnny Rockets, Ben and Jerry's ice cream,
and where you could find me...STARBUCKS!!!!

I also have to give a huge shout out to the staff.
They were so incredibly friendly and helpful
With 3,000 or so people on board
I always felt like we were well taken care of
and that they tended to any of our concerns or needs.

If you missed any of my other posts,
here they are:

If Alaska isn't already on your bucket list...
add it.
Seriously! :)

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