Saturday, October 15, 2016

Avila Valley Barn

Two weeks ago we made our yearly fall trip
to the adorable
Avila Valley Barn!

Every year my mom, sister,
the kids and I load up the car,
and head to Avila for the day.

Lexie wasn't quite sure what to do with
all of the pumpkins at first.

She definitely wasn't in the mood
for sitting on a hay bale for a picture.

But what she was in the mood for was...
anything to do with the animals!
If you have never been, or don't know,
the Avila Valley Barn has farm animals that
you can feed.
Lexie LOVES it!

Here is a link to a video of her 
and the goats.
For some reason I couldn't
post the video here.
Annoyed. ;)

I wish I could get the shot of her face 
in this picture...because it was pure joy!

Landry decided he needed a snack to. :)

After the goats, we made our way to the sheep...

and then the cow.
Come here Mr. Cow!

Once fear...
she loved the cow!

She has just as much love
for the cow as she does the goats.
Watch it here...

Every other time she fed him,
she squealed with delight after.
The minute she saw me filming her,
she's cool as a cucumber.

You can't go to the barn
without getting some yummy roasted corn!

It is easy to see that these two
are pretty crazy about each other. :)

We took some fun pictures
while waiting for the hay ride.

Landry loves this tractor!

This year Lexie wanted to get 
in on the action.

Of course she had a snack with her!

Next up...hay ride!

Each year the hay ride has been a bit different.
The two years they would drop you off and you 
could pick a pumpkin off the vine,
last year they didn't drop you off,
and this year,
they dropped you off in an area 
where the pumpkins were already set-up. 

Lexie wasn't sure what do with
all of the pumpkins.

Landry quickly found the perfect one.

After the hay ride we chose our
pumpkins from the wide variety
that they always have.

Here are our picks!
11 pumpkins for $40...
pretty good deal if you ask me. :)

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