Sunday, October 30, 2016

Carving Time!

Since the beginning of October,
when we went to Avila and got our pumpkins,
Landry has been BEGGING to carve them.

I kept telling him that we needed to
wait until it was closer to Halloween.
He was so excited that today was the day.

Remember that kid who used to HATE the
goop, seeds, and slime.?

Yup...not so much anymore!

Here is our carving supervisor.
She looks like she is waiting so patiently.
She was...for a while. ;)

This was the first year that Landry did 
his pumpkin all by himself!
I cut the lid...and helped him clean
the last little bits...but he did the rest himself.

Remember our supervisor...
who WAS waiting so patiently?
Well...surprise, surprise...
those patience ran out. :)

She REALLY wanted to get in on
the carving action.
Since her pumpkin was so small...
and clearly she wouldn't be able to carve it,
I decided to give her some markers
and let her have a go at it.

You can see that Landry gave her
a big "thumbs up!"

Decorating your pumpkin is
very serious business.

Lexie's finished work of art!

She quickly went from coloring her pumpkin...
to coloring on the table!
This is how she felt when I put a stop to that.
Notice the marker on her face. ;)

And there was just a LITTLE
marker on her hands.

Landry is so proud of his pumpkin!

Here are our three jack-o-lanterns
all ready for Halloween!

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  1. Love, love, love these pumpkin carvers and their parents! When I see the tarps come out and very little clothing, I know it's going to be something creative. Thanks so much for a Hint of Whimsy -- it helps me feel so blessed when we're far away ;o) Love you all!!! GG & Poppie