Monday, September 2, 2013

Corbin's "Mad Men" Celebration!

Two weeks ago we had the best time celebrating our friend, Corbin, as he turned the big 3-0. Corbin is married to my dear friend Erin, so clearly, he is pretty awesome. Erin and Corbin went all out in planning and throwing a "Mad Men" inspired casino night!

Now, Chad and I don't know the first thing about Mad Men...we've never even seen an episode before. After some "research" on Pinterest, I quickly discovered that in order to make my "Mad Men" transformation complete...I would definitely need some help with the hair. Erin set up appointments for a group of us girls to get our hair done at...
They were AMAZING! Seriously, I could go there everyday. Really. I could.
Here is a pic of Erin and I "before"...

and after...
I think we did pretty good. Yes, I am rocking my ENTIRE maid of honor ensemble from my sister's wedding. Who says you can't re-wear the dress...and shoes...and earrings? I did add a petticoat underneath to try and achieve that 50's skirt "poof."
You all know that I LOVE me a good costume party...and you also know that Chad is always a bit reluctant. He always starts with a "this is ridiculous" kinda attitude...but before you know it...he's posing for pictures like this...
and is in full character!
I'd say we did pretty good for never having seen an episode before. :)
The party was at Pardini's in their Tuscan Room...which was the perfect backdrop for the casino night affair. Here we are...striking our very serious "Mad Men" pose.

All of us girls that had our hair done at Blown Away...the front...

And the back! Aren't we darling?

Erin and her dear friend, Sara...
Erin and another dear friend, Sonja

Erin and her cousin, Adria

Erin even hired a professional photographer to take shots of the party. Here are a few shots from Julie Jobinger Photography...
Trying to be "Mad Men" serious...

but this is the real us!

Corbin explaining the "rules" for the casino night. Every guest was given $1,000 worth of chips...all play money of course...and there would be a prize for the top three winners!
The guys immediately hit the tables...

Chad...teaching others how to be great Blackjack players.

Gamble...not yet.
While the guys hit the tables...Erin and I...well, we took pictures with the dice!

Then it was time to hit the tables!
The next three pictures are clearly the work of the professional...Julie Jobinger Photography.
Look at me...I was nervous gambling with fake was all a little too risky for me! :)

Think we are the big winners????

Well, not by the casino table standards we weren't. Who was?
This guy!
Yup, that's man turned $1,000 into $31,900...of fake money. Too bad he couldn't do that with real money, right?

Not the best pic...but Adria and I were excited about our winnings. We ended up with $2,000. Yup, we doubled our money...that's better than nothing...right?

How does one celebrate being the "big winner?" Like this...

The grand prize was $100...winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Corbin and Erin, thank you for a wonderful evening...and $100. :) We love you both to pieces and cannot wait to celebrate with you again.

Aren't they the cutest? And doesn't Erin look amazing...remember...she just had a baby 4 months ago!
Here is a group shot of everyone at the party...
thanks to Julie Jobinger Photography


  1. Great representation of the night! What a great group of friends of Erin and Corbin! You kids are GREAT to party with!

  2. Oh! Wow! Everybody is looking so gorgeous. I can’t take my eyes off these dresses. All of the girls look flawless. I would love to wear a dress like this on my birthday. We are celebrating my birthday next month in a very happening venue NYC and I really want a dress like this.