Monday, September 16, 2013

Landry's Lingo: Santa

So, it has been awhile since I have given an update on Landry. He is quite the character these days. It is funny how I was worried for awhile that he had some sort of speech delay...boy was I wrong.

I also have to say that he is quite smart. I know, every parent thinks that their child is really smart. I am reminded of this almost daily when a parent is arguing why their child is right and I, the teacher, am wrong. :) Back to the point. I'm not saying he is a genius. But, he makes connections sometimes that crack me up.

So, here's the first...of many to come...that I will call Landry's Lingo. The point is to share with you the insights of my delightful three year old...and for me to "document" them so I hopefully don't forget the funny little things he said at this age.

Let me set the scene...

We were sitting at the table, eating Chinese take-out, and somehow Santa came up.

Landry: "Why doesn't Santa jus fy in a airpane to come to our house?"

Me: "Well, Santa likes to ride in his sleigh instead."

Chad: "I think it is easier to land a sleigh rooves than an airplane."

Landry: "Does Santa yike his sweigh?"

Me: "Sure he does."

Landry looks at us, tilts his head to the side, and then matter-of-factly asks,

"Does Santa have to bump his ears in da sweigh?"

Me: "Bump his ears?"

Landry: "Yup, does he bump his ears?"

Me...quite puzzled until I think I know what he is saying...

" you mean do his ears pop in the sleigh?"

Landry: "Yup, do day pop? Does it hurt? Yike when I was on a pane?"

Me...stumped. How did he get there? Cracks us up! So, if you know whether or not Santa's ears pop...there is one quizzical 3 year old dying to know. :)

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  1. Oh, my goodness! That makes total sense to GG ;o) If you are going to reach a certain altitude, then why wouldn't you have to "bump" your ears whether you are in a sweigh or in an airpane. I think this child has already figured out some complex scientific theories. Now, THAT is genius material XOXOXOXO