Sunday, October 13, 2013

Avila Valley Barn!!!

Yesterday my mom, sister, Landry, and I made our annual trip to the Avila Valley Barn to get some pumpkins! You might remember that the past couple of years haven't been a huge success...there has normally been lots of tears, no interest in pumpkins, and a lot of "no."
So, why would we keep going?
 Becuase we are kind of crazy and stubborn that way...we will keep going until it is a success...or we completely lose our minds. :)
Well, this year proved to be "third time's the charm!"
We had such a GREAT day...and Landry loved every minute of it!
He immediatley found this group of pumpkins, sat down, and said, "Cheese!"
Right away I knew we were in for a much better day. :)
Love the squinty face!
Auntie K.K. came prepared to feed the animals...she had her own bag of carrots and apples.
The goats clearly loved it...

They were even trying to climb out...Landry had NO interest in feedng the animals.

After feeding the animals we went through the hay maze...and made it out on our first try!

While we were waiting in line for the hay ride Landry found his own tractor to ride.

Landry tried really hard to get the tractor started...
he finally decided that it wouldn't work because he didn't have the keys to it. :)

Time for some silly pictures!

Landry LOVED all of the hay!
Any chance he had to touch it, pick it up, pull it, and even...throw it...he did!

Getting ready for our hay ride!

Here's Wayne...the best tractor driver around. :)
The hay ride takes you out to a field of pumpkins where you can pick your own pumpkin right off the vine. Landry went to work...looking for the perfect one.

"Found it?"

Landry Tigh...the great pumpkin explorer!
Can you tell that he loved this one?
He called it a "squash snake punkin!"

We didn't end up getting a pumpkin off the vine...too much work for us "city folk!" :)
So, we got back on the tractor and headed back to the barn.
By then we were all a little hungry so we got some delicious roasted corn.
The corn was a hit!
Landry chomped and chomped until every last kernal was gone!
After choosing all of our pumpkins, getting some baked goodies from the store, eating a yummy lunch in Pismo, we loaded up in the car and headed home.
It was such a fun time, great weather, and so many laughs together. I am so grateful that Auntie K.K. was here to share it with us again...huge thanks to Kim Bell for telling me about this fun place when Landry was born.
And because I am a sucker for a "look through the years" are pictures of Landry over the years at the Avila Valley Barn!

 First year - 17 months old

Second year - 2.5 years tears...but still not happy
Third year - 3.5 and tons of SMILES!!!!
I almost is my pumpkin...with all of the pumpkins we brought home!

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  1. OMG! What a difference a year makes ;o) So glad the trip was so much fun this year -- looks like everyone was all smiles this time! He is growing up so fast it makes my head spin. Halloween looks to be a fabulous experience this year. Love you guys & miss you like crazy! Hugs & Love from GG & Poppie ;o)