Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Bash 2013!

Last night we hosted our annual Halloween Party!
Of course there were yummy snacks and treats...
with festive names, no doubt. :)

Trail mix was made with mini marshmallows, Golden Grahams, candy corn, and chocolate chips.
There were also mummy dogs, goblin eyeballs (meatballs), and vampire veggies!

It is not a party without some festive decorations...

I'm a sucker for cheesy jokes!
I was super excited when I found these free printables last year.

There was also an elephant in the room!

Of course the highlight of every year is seeing what creative ideas everyone is going to come up with. There are many things that I love about our group of friends...but one of my favorite things is everyone's dedication to create the most creative, authentic, and detail-oriented costumes.
We are so fun! :)
 This year we had some of the cool kids from Rydell High.
Meet Eugene, Sandy, and Danny!
You're the one that I want...

Woo hoo hoo!

There was a cowboy and an indian!

Quickest draw in the West!

Giddee yup, cowboy!

Batman even made an appearance...

along with the Sister Wives!!!

And then...the circus came to town!
Two parts cute, fun, family-friendly circus...
and one part...
well, not cute, fun or family friendly.
You can probably guess the parts that I was in charge of
and the part that Chad took on. :)

My elephant lover and me!

The Ringmaster and Sandra Dee

Sandy and her favorite elephant!

The ladies...
and the boys!

After our photo ops...
and during half-time of the Fresno State game...
was time for...
Minute To Win It games!!!!!!!!!!!

We don't mess around when it comes to games.
I We are all super competitive...
so there definitely needed to be an official scoreboard.
Did you notice the million dollar prizes???
The games began with Spiders on a Straw
(One member from each team puts a straw in their mouth and has to get 5 spider rings on the straw, without using their hands within one minute!)
Eugene was the winner...and Team 1 took an early lead.
Next up...Dizzy Mummy
(Two members from each is the "roller" and the other is the mummy. Each team has one minute to wrap their mummy. If the toilet paper breaks...the team is disqualified.)
Although, my team was off to an early lead, we broke our tissue...and Team 1 took the win...again!
With Team 1 ahead...they continued on to win Face the Cookie!
(One team member puts a cookie on their forehead
and must get the cookie in their mouth without using their hands.) of the Sister Wives...was a master!
She had the cookie in her mouth lickety split...with a baby in her lap, too!
So, with Team 1 taking away three was time for Teams 2 and 3 to rally for a win.
Team 2 finally got one on the board with their victory in
Ghost Poop Drop.

(One member from each team stands on a chair and must drop the mini
marshmallows into the mason jar. Team with the most in the jar wins!)

Next up...M&M race!
Team 2 was hoping to keep the momentum going...
Team 3 was looking for their first win...
and if Team 1 won,
they would have automatically won the million dollar prize package.

For this game, players had to use a straw to suck up an M&M and drop it onto the other plate.

Batman proved to be the man of the M&M race!

At this point the score was...
Team 1 - 3 wins,
Team 2 - 2 wins,
Team 3...well, they were having a lot of fun. :)
 Time for Candy Corn Hose!
(Each player must retrieve the candy corn at the end on the pantyhose leg, only using their hands, and they can't pull on them...they must wiggle their hands down the legs of the hose and pull out the candy.)
My team won! Go Team 2!
Teams 1 and 2 were tied...heading into the final game...
Separation Anxiety!
(Each palyer is given a bag of 60 M&Ms and 6 cups. They can only use one hand, to pick up one candy at a time, and sort the candies by color...sounds simple...but it is a little tricky.)


Frank proved to be the master sorter!
This meant that Team 1 and 2 were still tied. There was some controversy during the Ghost Poop Drop so we decided to do it again, with different players, as the tie breaker. If Team 3 happened to win, then the games would continue...if not, then Team 1 or 2 would be the champions.

Team 3 got their second games continued. We decided to do another round of Face the Cookie. Batman was so fast that I didn't even get a picture of it...which meant...

TEAM 2 WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team 1 did a wonderful job!

And Team 3...well...they have some training to do in the off-season. :)

Once again we had so much fun! We are so thankful for a group of friends that are always up for a good time. Already thinking about our costumes for next year. :)

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