Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pumpkin Carving!

Well, I am a "bit" behind on my blogging. By a "bit" I really mean a lot...but for now I am going to prioritize and then do a "catch-up" blog later. :)
This year we decided to get some pumpkins just for carving. It was the first year that we have attempted this and Landry was really excited...even though he didn't really understand what we were doing. Here are he and Daddy...all ready to carve!

(Sorry about the funny angle that makes the pumpkins look HUGE and them look tiny. )
 "Is this how is carve it, Mommy?"

"What about this way?"
 Daddy had to step in with the "big boy knife" and show landy how it was done.

Watching closely...
 Look at all that goo in there!

Landry was less than thrilled to have to put his hand in the pumpkin and scoop out the goo and seeds. Immediately he said, "Peeyoo! It stinks in is smewwy!"
"Dis is yucky...can I have a wipe? I don't want to do dis. My hands are aw yucky!"

"No, I don't WANT to do it. It stinks."
And that is when pumpkin carving turned into this...

Yup, he took off on his tricycle and left me with the "fun" job of cleaning out the pumpkin. :)
Once the pumpkin was all clean he decided he would come back and "carve" his pumpkin.

He didn't make much progress...but he sure was serious about it. :)

After "he" carved his pumpkin he was so proud and excited to show it off. :)

Here are all three of our pumpkins...carved, lit, and ready for Halloween!


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