Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks...Preschool Style!

Yesterday was like Christmas for me! Landry's preschool class had their Thanksgiving feast and since I was on vacation it meant that I got to be a mommy and go with him to celebrate with all of his friends. :)
We had already missed the pumpkin patch field trip, community helpers day, and the Halloween party...because they were on days when I had committments at school that I couldn't miss...and I was feeling really guilty about it. So, I was over the moon when I learned that their Thanksgiving feast was going to be during my vacation. I was definitely more excited about it than Landry.
Here I am with my Bubs!
As you can see they had the whole spread. Turkey, ham, stuffing, apples, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, rolls, cookies...and Landry's favorite...pumpkin pie!

Before they ate, each child said what they were thankful for. It was so stinkin adorable...and because I am such a sap...I teared up a bit. Most of the kids said they were thankful for their mommy and daddy. A few of my favorites were the little boy that was thankful for Power Rangers and the little girl that was thankful for pinto beans! :)

Each child made their own "I am thankful for..." placmemat. Landry wrote that he was thankful for his mommy and dad. On a different project they did in class, he was thankful for his I was glad we made the list. :)

One thing I know for sure...he is definitely thankful for his two AMAZING preschool teachers...
Miss Courtney...
 and Miss Annette!
We are so very thankful for them and for all of the staff at Brighten Academy! From the very first time I walked in the door it felt like a home. Each and every one of their staff members goes above and beyond and you can feel how much they love their jobs. We are so very grateful to know that Landry is in such kind, gentle, caring hands when he is at preschool.
Here is Landry's preschool picture from the fall...his first school picture...cue the tears!

Today we are off to Visalia to celebrate with my family and then we are headed to Gary and Mary's to celebrate with the Tigh/Lofgrens. We are so thankful for this day to spend with our family and loved ones, our health, and for all of our friends that make our life so much fun! We wish you and your loved ones a safe, fun, and festive Thanksgiving!

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  1. We are so very thankful for preschools that provide daycare centers with style.