Saturday, December 7, 2013

Preschool Christmas Program!

This morning Landry's preschool had their Christmas Program. I have been giddy with excitement about this since the note came home sharing the news that his class would be performing, on stage, at the Mercedes Edwards Theater. I mean...what is cuter than a bunch of three year olds singing Christmas songs?

I will also say, I was very nervous. Let's be honest...our child does not like new things, being thrown into a situation he doesn't really know about, and is super shy. I had been trying to "prep" him for it all week...explaining that he would be on stage, with his class, singing his songs, in front of ALL of the parents. He said he was, "so excited." I had a feeling his tune would change once we got there.

And...I was right! He was less than happy...screaming, clinging, crying, not wanting to go with his class, it was less than awesome. So much so that I went to my seat, in tears. Let me just say that Christmas programs are a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Seriously. Not for the weak.

Showtime came and here is Handsome...not quite sure about what to do.

His adorable class

He's starting to get into it

Rocking out...he is on the far right side!

All finished and leaving the stage!

Once he got up there he did an awesome job! He was into it...having fun...singing...dancing...and showing everyone what he was made of. Seriously I cried and laughed through the entire thing. Here are some videos of his performances. Sorry about the I said, I was laughing, crying, trying to watch, etc. Clearly I will not be a videographer anytime soon. :)
Here is the YouTube link to their first song...Landry is all the way to the right, in the white shirt.

Here is their snowman poem...

The YouTube link to my favorite...

And finally...this is how they said good-bye...or "peace out!"

Needless to say, we were SUPER proud of our little performer!


***I have to add that I have been working on this post for 3 hours...yes, 3 HOURS!!!! For some reason Blogger wouldn't let me upload the two videos...hence the YouTube links. Anyone with any info as to why they wouldn't let me load them...please share. :)


  1. That was THE best Christmas program I have ever seen in my life!!!!!! Landry, GG & Poppie are so proud of you -- you really rocked out with all of your songs. I loved the part where you were singing "He knows when you've been sleeping; he knows when you're awake" -- you were so spot-on with your facial expression for the "he-knows-when-you're-awake." Poppie and I thought you were fabulous and we can't wait to see your next performance! All of your preschool friends looked like they had a lot of fun, too ;o) Way to go, Buddy!!! We love you -- XOXOXO

    1. Thanks, G.G. and Poppie! We were so proud of him...especially after such a rough start. More importantly...he was very proud of himself! :)

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