Sunday, December 15, 2013

'Tis the Season...weeks 1 and 2

The past two weeks have been full of Christmas fun! We started our Christmas book advent on December 1st. I love that every night Landry opens a new book, enthusiastically says, "Thanks Mommy...I always wanted this one...I was hoping for this one!" and then we get to cuddle up and read a story. Seriously, every time he is so excited and so warms my heart...especially on the nights when we have just had a dinnertime battle. :)

The first book was Elf on the Shelf...which meant the return of this guy...Elf. We are super creative with names at the Lofgren household. :)

Days 1 and 2 of Elf...just hanging around and watching.

Days 3 and 4...Elf had a message for Landry: 
"Dear Landry, Santa says you better be a good listener at bed time!"

Days 5, 6, and 7...yup...Elf got caught in the basketball hoop and stayed there for TWO nights. 
We think that he stayed in the same spot because Landry hadn't been a very good listener so he didn't want to tell Santa the bad news. What do you think?

Days 8 and 9...ziplining Elf...and hanging out in the lights.
He must have wanted a "bird's eye view!"

Days 10 and 11...Elf loved being in the tree...and then decided to do some climbing!

Days 12 and 13...Elf went back to the shelf...
and then tried to live in Landry's gingerbread house but he was too big!

I love that every morning the first thing Landry does is goes to look for Elf. If he can't find him right away he walks around calling, "Mr. Elf...Mr. Elf...where are you?" So stinkin' adorable!

Landry also made his first gingerbread house of the season! One of the sweet families in my class gave Landry a kit to build. He could hardly wait...and as you can see...he was so proud of it!

On Friday night our group of friends all got together for pizza and then walked Cindy Lane/Candy Cane Lane/Christmas Tree Lane Clovis/ whatever it is really called...the neighborhood with all of the lights! :)

Then yesterday, my mom and sister came over for cookie baking fun!

Right away Landry loved playing in the flour!

Rolling out the can see he likes his to be more like crepes than cookies. :)

Once they were baked it was time to takes a lot of concentration. :)

Landry is sticking with his style of piling as much frosting, sprinkles, etc all on one spot of the cookie.

Here are the four cookies that Landry decorated!

Yup...he decorated a whoppin' four cookies...then took off and left my mom, sister, and I at the "Sugar Cookie Sweat Shop" to finish decorating all of these...

I think we may have made a few too many...what do you think? :)

I can't believe that Christmas is a week and a half away. I love making the time to have fun with friends and family. Today we are going to visit Santa Claus...wish us luck. So far Landry is very excited to talk to him...but that could all change very quickly. :)

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  1. LOL!!! I love that he only decorated for cookies. Sugar cookie sweatshop - you crack me up!